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Winner Announcement: Best Spooky2 Story in Thanksgiving 2022 Leave a comment

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Dear Spooky2 friends:

How are you?

The World Cup is in full swing. I’m sure you are rooting for your soccer stars, their best goals, assists from a distance, and more. Hero stories live on forever.

At the start of this month, we invited you to share how Spooky2 has helped you and your family. During the event, we also received a lot of touching stories and would like to say a big thank you to everyone who participated!

Now, it’s time to announce our winners!

No. 1 (a Spooky2 GX Pro Remote Kit):
Sarina de Bruin

No. 2 – 3 (Spooky2 Essential Kit)
Delilah Trofkens
Marion van der Mei

No. 4 – 6 (a MiraMate Light Pad)
Mary Rutherford
Solvejg ter Meer
Brian Ahmadi

No. 7 – 11 (Spooky2 Cold Laser Twin / Spooky2 Cold Laser Wrist / Spooky2 PEMF Coil / Spooky2 Scalar Digitizer)

Suzanne Szmilek
Tamara Garth
Gerard Horn
Mindy Pierce
Ahmed Mrwan

Congratulations to all the winners, and we hope the gifts will bring you happiness and health!

It is always a good time for us to read through your success stories. They surely have inspired many people in the community. We hope to receive more Spooky2 stories at the next event!

Spooky2 Support will send the confirmation e-mail to all the winners. Please check your inbox to confirm your preferred prize and address.

Check this link for all the stories we received this year:

NOTE: Calculation is based on the total votes collected from the voting page, Facebook likes, and shares.

If you have any questions, please send an e-mail to [email protected].

Yours sincerely,

Spooky2 Team

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