The Spooky2 Meridian Clock Preset 9

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The meridian clock is a 24-hour circular multi-dimensional energy system pioneered by traditional Chinese medicine. It is very useful in guiding people back to health.

Meridian is the place where the energy or Qi flows. There are 12 meridians within the human body: Bladder, Pericardium, Gall Bladder, Heart, Kidney, Large Intestine, Liver, Lung, Small Intestine, Spleen, Stomach and Triple Warmer Meridian.

Each meridian is most active at a specific time of day/night for 2 hours. During this time, it has the strongest energy during the day. According to the merididan clock, you can optimize these energy cycles and keep your body in peak health.

Below is a picture of the organ/meridian clock, which shows when each organ is most active.

Preset for Meridian Clock

Now there is a Meridian Clock Preset created by Spooky2 user Christian Kuck. You can directly use it to balance your body energy.

The preset runs for 24 hours to encompass the entire Meridian wheel. It works for 30 minutes, then stops for 30 mins and so on. In this preset, each meridian gets stimulated during its specific time window.

The preset is automatically scheduled for 7 am. So whenever you click start to run it, it will start with the stomach at 7 am. Before that, the yellow square in the Control tab indicates that it is waiting for the “right time” to start.

So just go into the Spooky2 software, choose the Meridian Clock preset under Miscellaneous or find it by keyword “Meridian Clock”, activiate it before 7 am, and then wait for it to start automatically. After all is ready, enjoy your frequency journey!

Note: This preset can only be run in Remore mode.


Thanks for Christian Kuck making this wonderful Meridian Clock preset.

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  1. Interesting! How do you use it: Remote? And how often?

    Silva Riganelli
    1. Yes, you can use it in Remote Mode. Connect Spooky2 Remote to the Generator using Spooky2 Boost. Extended use of this remote can cause frequency fatigue. It is recommended to limit exposure to say 3 days followed by a minimum of a 2-day rest period. As everyone is different, your limits and experience will vary.

      1. I do not see this program in my Spooky software. I downloaded the software to days ago so I know it is current. Do you have the program I can upload into the software?

  2. Thank you

    1. You’re welcome!

  3. It says on the overwrite generator 100%, does that mean it’s done or I’m setting it up to run too early? (The evening before?) should I wait until after midnight to set it? Because then it’s before 7am?

  4. I just ran across this and thought – what a great idea, however I’ve been attempting to use it for a couple of days now – and it simply never runs. As expected, it displays the generator in yellow (showing 100% rather than a countdown) – but then nothing happens when it should have started running at 7AM
    Now I’m looking at what to do to make if function.

    Jonathan Ellis
  5. Can the time be changed for a later hour

    1. Hi, yes you can do it. Contact our customer service at [email protected] for more details, they will tell you how to get it:)

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