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Spooky Tens Internal Electrode Instructions 6

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Contact electrodes are an excellent way to treat problem areas. Frequencies pass through the tissue between the 2 electrodes. The treatment area can be directly targeted by careful electrode placement.

The Spooky Tens Internal Electrode provides a safe, convenient and hygienic way to treat the anal canal area, or nearby organs, such as the bladder, prostate and uterus.

Connecting your Spooky Tens Internal Electrode.

You may connect both TENS cable wires to the Internal Electrode. The treatment area will be between the electrodes.

Alternatively, you may connect one TENS cable wire to one of the Internal Electrode wires, and the other TENS cable wire to a regular TENS pad. The treatment area will be the straight line between the electrodes. The distance between electrodes is much greater using this method, allowing the prostate gland and bladder area to be treated.

We recommend you initially use the safe, low-power Colloidal Silver port of Spooky Boost. If you want more power, you can use the ‘High Power’ port of Spooky Boost v3.0.

Spooky Settings

1.  Load the Internal Electrode (C) – JW preset in Spooky. This is a “Shell Preset” containing no frequencies. This preset automatically raises program frequencies using Octave harmonics, reducing undesirable sensations, and regularly reverses the polarity of the signal to prevent the buildup of acids.

2.  Select the program(s) best suited to your condition.

Internal Electrode Insertion:

Choose a comfortable position. It is best not to move during treatment, as this may dislodge the electrode.
We recommend liberal use of gel or water. Insertion is easier, and the electrical connection is improved. Keep the gel away from the cables.
Carefully and slowly insert the internal electrode into the anal canal or vagina.
Place the (optional) secondary TENS pad on your chosen location.
Plug the TENS electrical cable firmly into the electrodes.


Do NOT immerse the electrode in water.
Do NOT use if you are pregnant.
Do NOT use if you are wearing, or have implanted, any electronic medical devices.
Stop immediately if you feel any discomfort.

Additional Notes

Always clean the TENS internal electrode before and after each use. You can clean with an antibacterial wipe or with warm soapy water. Rinse and dry the electrode thoroughly. Be careful to keep the wires dry.

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  1. You can use key words search in the program page of the software, and you will find related programs, for more details, please check this link: https://www.spooky2-mall.com/blog/how-to-choose-keywords-when-searching-in-spooky2-software/

  2. Hello,

    I use this INTERNAL ELECTRODE with Frequency PROSTATA CANCER (ETDF) is that OK ?
    But only Internal Electrode without a pad, is this also possible ?
    I use the colloidal connection, highpower is also possible, what is better with pad or only Internal Electrode for Prostata Cancer ? Iuse Generator XM, would be the Generator X better, can you give me the best advise, thanks very much !!

    Greetings Deva Abhiyana

    1. It would be better with pad. You can use xm generator or Generator X to run Internal Electrode.They are same


    1. Hi Roy, I can find the corresponding frequency by searching for the keyword aflatoxin under the program tab of the software, you just need to choose which mode to run it through. Any questions, feel free to contact us by email: [email protected].

  4. Hi: Is the internal electrode in the nose good for sinusitis?

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