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How to Choose Keywords When Searching in Spooky2 Software 14

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Spooky2 software has the largest frequency database in the world, which has helped many people ease their symptoms. To find suitable presets/programs in Spooky2 software, searching with keywords related to the condition is necessary.

However, sometimes you may not find any search results in Spooky2 software when you type in a particular keyword. It does not mean there is no related information in Spooky2 software. This blog will provide some information with suggestions to help you deal with similar situations. After reading, you will understand how to search with the appropriate keywords in Spooky2 software.

Strategies for Using Keywords

1. Search with Correct Keywords

When you type in keywords, make sure your spelling is correct. There is no auto-correct feature in Spooky2 software. If you select a misspelled word, you are unable to locate your desired information.

For example, if you want to choose “fever” as your keyword. When you input “fever” correctly, you can see all the information related to this keyword. Go through their descriptions and select the one(s) you want to run in Spooky2 software.

However, if you make a spelling mistake when you search in Spooky2 software, such as “fevar,” you cannot find your desired information.

2. Try Different Keywords

It is common knowledge that there are variations in English spelling. Try different ways of spelling when you use the search function in Spooky2 software, especially when no search results come up. Besides, different combinations of phrases would affect your research results as well.

Typing in “Acute Pain” and “Pain Acute” will get two different results. Therefore, Spooky2 suggests you try different combinations or orders of your keywords.

Generally, inputting partial words often works better than complete ones.

For example, if you input “stimulat,” you will find much information related to “stimulate” or “stimulation.”

Note: If you use partial words and it still does not work. You can try complete words as well.

Take “Multiple System Atrophy” (MSA) as an example.

If you type in “MSA” in Spooky2 software, you cannot find this program accurately. However, when you input the full name of this condition, you can find it immediately.

3. Search with Related Keywords

You can also look for the symptoms of your conditions when you do not find the exact conditions. The symptoms, signs, and contributing factors can be your keywords, and you can target them individually with Spooky2 Rife frequencies. If you do not know what causes your condition, consult your doctors. Meanwhile, you can do some research on the internet.

For example, though the causes of Autism are very complex, exposure to harmful substances in the environment, such as heavy metals and pesticides, is an important factor. Therefore, running the related programs/presets might be helpful to relieve the condition.

Additionally, Spooky2 software allows our customers to create and save any programs or frequencies they want to run using the Create Program command of the File Menu. You can save the custom program using keywords that are easy to remember, like your name. This will make it easier for you to find the program in the future. (Do not know how to create a program? Click here)

If none of the above suggestions address your problem, you can seek assistance from others, such as our support team, forum, and Facebook group. If you have any queries, feel free to ask. Many kind individuals are eager to lend a hand and provide valuable assistance.

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  1. Hi, I hope you can help me solving this problem: I did my first bfb with GX and I got a list of frequencies which I wonder what they can mean. I thought I would be able to find the corresponding pathogens or so. I’ve no idea what keywords to look for. Thank you very much.

    Body Maria-Paz
    1. Hi Body Maria-Paz, after scanning , you can do reverse look up. Reverse lookup means to look up a frequency, and report what it does in the database. Here is a file showing what Reverse Lookup finds: https://www.spooky2-mall.com/download/ReverseLookup.pdf. You can check here and learnmore ahout that https://www.spooky2-mall.com/blog/how-to-do-a-reverse-lookup/

  2. Hi

    Following on from the above posts regarding the Reverse Lookup Tool corresponding to the Cross Reference Frequency List, all my bio feedback results are 117117 Hz or above. The Frequency List only shows numbers up to 5 digits long, 67265 Papillma Virus being the highest number on the list. Apologies if this is a silly question but do I need to convert the frequency from Hertz into something else or why does the list only show numbers up to 5 digits? Thank you.

    1. H, Reverse Lookup doesn’t provide any sort of a diagnosis. What it actually does is to search the Spooky2 database to find frequencies within the tolerance you specify. For scan results, you can run directly to do treatment.

  3. hello what is the c60 frequency please thanks gordon

    gordon mccallin
    1. Hi, could you send your question to [email protected], our customer service are willing to help you at any time.

    2. Search under buckminsterfullerine

      1. Hello Dean, we couldn’t find “buckminsterfullerine” directly in the Spooky2 database, but using the term “Fullerene,” you can find “1,2-dichlorobenzene” and “Silver oxide.” If you need further assistance, please feel free to contact us.

  4. There are several videos published on YouTube that I cant fond on the Spooky 2 software.
    One example is DNA and full body healing. Where can I find these? Thanks

    1. Hi, could you send these links of videos to [email protected], so that our support team can have a further check and provide you with better help:)

  5. Hi there, I have arthritis and don’t understand “create a program”, could you take me through it step by step please, cheers Jan

    1. Hi, please follow the steps in this blog: https://www.spooky2-mall.com/blog/how-to-make-your-own-presets-out-of-shell-presets-october-software-version/
      Any other questions, please feel free to send them to [email protected], our support team is willing to help you at any time:)

  6. Thank you so much for the printed list. It make me anxious to do a BFB now. I have them done with Zyto and have for years. This will be interesting.

    Linda VanAtta
    1. My neighbor has a Zyto he has used for years and loves it. He did the 11 day terrain detox program with Spooky2 through me and was very surprised. He had done a Zyto before and after the 11 detox and for the first time his readings were with in the center circle except for 1. He stated he had never been there, in the circle, and that he had always been outside the circle on most of his readings. He gave me a copy of both Zyto readings.

      Brian Langston

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