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What is in Utils Menu? Leave a comment

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The commands in Utils Menu install drivers, show you which generator is being controlled by which USB port, and more.

This video explains the commands in general:

1. Identify Generators darkens all generator buttons and shows port numbers on displays. It also opens a detailed report.

2. Identify USB Devices opens USB View, a program that lets you see what USB devices are connected.

3. Install Spooky2-XM Drivers will install the correct generator drivers for your PC. This video shows how to install Spooky2-XM Drivers.

4. Remove Unused Generators from Registry finds and removes USB ports Windows erroneously reserves for “ghost” generators, freeing up unused port numbers.

5. Rescan Devices sends a handshake signal to an offline generator, bringing it back online without having to stop your entire rig.

6. Colloidal / Ionic Silver Calculator opens a window which allows you to find optimum values for making colloidal silver by using an interactive calculator.

This video shows how to make colloidal silver using Spooky2 software:

Source: Page 92 of the Spooky2_User’s_Guide_20170308

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