Sometimes you don’t feel very well but can't figure out why you are having these symptoms and your doctor says you are ok. It might be that you are overloaded with toxins in your body. A toxin is a type of poison that can harm your body. Luckily, these symptoms can be eased or just disappear if you detoxify your body. Here are some signs that you are accumulating many toxins in your body.

1. Constant fatigue

If you are always tired throughout the day, it's not the problem that you don't sleep well at night. It's because your body works hard to get rid of the toxins. It's common that you have a feeling of fatigue. The other reason may be the hormone discruptions, creating issues in your immune system. So drinking more coffee can't help, even makes the problem worse.

2. Acne

Under the influence of a variety of toxins, bacteria can produce many toxic substances in our body, which can enter the bloodstream and circulate through the body. Our body can certainly eliminate many of them, but sometimes when the discharge is blocked, some of those substances will be discharged through our skin, thus a rough skin or acne occurs. Meanwhile, lack of trace elements, mental stress, high fat or high carbohydrate diet can also lead to acne. So we need to pay attention to personal hygiene from the outside as well as the internal cleaning.

3. Itching Skin

If organs of our body can’t take care of all the toxins, our skin will eliminate the excessive toxins through the process of perspiration or sweating. At times, the pores in the skin get clogged with toxins, thus lead to many allergic reactions like itching. External stimulation, irregular life, tension, as well as endocrine disorders, can lower this ability of our skin and thus lead to skin itching.

4. Bad breath

Even brushing their teeth every day and night, some people still can’t get rid of the odor. Bacteria in the mouth can release some odor-causing byproducts. It can also indicate you have many toxins in your body, and your liver and colon are having some difficulty in eliminating them.

5. Constipation

The intestines eliminate waste in our body every day. If we are constipated, the toxins will be stored up and absorbed back into our bloodstream, allowing them to further poison our body. Constipation can lead to many ailments, such as stomach upset, headaches and tiredness. It is also a sign of many toxins in our body.

6. Insomnia

If you are overwhelmed with toxins, your body will be stressed out, which will cause your cortisol levels out of balance. Cortisol is a hormone that helps you handle with stress. If it is out of balance, you may feel very energetic in the evening and hard to sleep. So going to bed on time is very important and sleeping 7 to 9 hours a say is suggested.

7. Smell-sensitive

If you have strong reactions to different smells, you could be toxic overloaded. The reason is that your liver is not detoxing effectively. The reactions could be headaches and nausea.

8. Muscle aches and pains

If you suffer from muscle aches and pains and you didn't work out yesterday, it could be that the toxins stimulate pain in your muscles and joints.

9. Stubborn Weight Gain

Even though you are doing exercises everyday, eating low calories diet, you are still gaining weight. It could be due to toxins overload. Many toxins are lipophilic, so they can be stored in the body fat. Another reason may be the hormonal problem. It is interesting that our hormone function can be greatly affected by the toxins from outside. Both of the reasons make you are never easy to lose weight.

Ways of detoxifying your body

1. Stay Hydrated

Drinking enough water is a natural and basic way to detoxify the body. Water flush out the chemicals you are exposed to and can also keep you hydrated.

2. High Fiber Diet

Food with rich fiber in it can add bulk to the stool, and by softening them, fiber can make them move efficiently through your digestive system. Fiber helps in digestion of the food and also detoxifies the body.

3. Manage Stress

Stress can increase the level of toxins, and lower the liver's ability to eliminate the toxins. It is suggested to practice some meditation and yoga to relax and boost your immune system.

4. Go Organic

Choosing organic food will decrease the presence of chemical fertilizers and pesticides that are used for commercial gain. And green vegetables and most fruits can stimulate the process of digestion and detoxification.

5. Exercise

Practicing various exercises like runs, swimming and playing sports for at least one hour daily can keep your blood circulation healthy. and turn your body into a toxin flushing machine. Or you can simply get out to walk around once in a while. Generally, regular engagement in exercises will help keep you in shape and away from body toxicity.

6. Frequency Healing and detox

Vibrational frequencies are used to re-establish/stimulate the original and natural body functioning. Frequencies spectrum work similarly as the herbs and minerals or energy, sound and color healing practices.

Over last century scientific research has proven amazing result of frequencies and electromagnetic pulses effects on healing and restoring body systems.
Spooky2 Terrain Protocol uses vibrational frequencies to detox your body. This protocol helps you detox parasites die offs, mercury, chemicals, heavy metals and other systems toxins from your full body system, including your liver, kidneys, GI, blood, lymph and intestines, etc. It will also support your organs and do maintenance to your body system. The quantum technology applied in Spooky Remote grants you the freedom to do anything while running the program, so you will not be tethered to any machine.