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What is Sound Frequency Energy Balance? 8

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The complex nature of the symphony in the body is overwhelming. Not only the number of frequencies but also the relationships of all the frequencies.

Sound frequency energy balance works on the principle that all matter vibrates at specific frequencies. Audio tones and vibrational frequencies are used to repair damaged tissues and cells within the body. The vibrating frequencies, such as sickness, condition, depression, and stress, cause human beings to vibrate at a lower frequency.

Understanding Sound Energy Balance

A vibrating object, whether a guitar string or your own vocal cord, causes the air surrounding it to also vibrate. Humans have various auditory nerves that send information to your brain to let you hear. When the sound vibration hits your eardrums, it makes them vibrate, and that in turn causes waves in the fluid of your inner ear. The detection of sound by your ear isn’t isolated from the physical world – it’s a physical consequence, resulting from a physical source.

Among many, there are three main areas of our being where sound energy balance frequencies have been proven to be compelling. One can not underestimate the value of triggering an emotional release that can make a physical pain go away, or a metaphysical breakthrough, clear the mind like never before.

Physically – Pain Relieving

Everything has a frequency, which it most naturally vibrate at, known as a resonant frequency. When we find that resonant frequency and play a sound that matches it, it literally feeds energy into the body. This could be a cell or an organ.

However, if you play a sound that matches a resonant frequency, then turn the volume up, the object will explode because it cannot endure the pressure from frequencies. This can be quite effective for destroying cells that cause illness or condition. Sound can also be used to get rid of the pain. Pain receptors can only handle that much information, so when you fill them up with the sound, they can no longer transmit pain impulses to the brain.

There are frequencies for just about every part of the body.

Emotionally – Releasing

Did you know that suppressed emotions can account for up to 50% of the complications and conditions we exhibit? Sound and music can be used to release these suppressed emotions and convert our emotions to a more healthful capacity.

Most of the lower emotions are associated with sounds that are really irritating, lower emotions such as pessimism, frustration, irritation, impatience, disappointment, worry, anger, hatred, rage, jealousy, insecurity, guilt, fear, grief, and depression. These are distorted or clashing sounds, and they break down your physical body.

Sounds associated with higher emotions support your health, such as hopefulness, optimism, positive expectation, enthusiasm, eagerness, happiness, passion, joy, freedom, and love. The sounds that correlate with these emotions are consistent and quite pure tones.

By applying the vibrant sounds associated with higher emotions, it helps lift our body up.

Mentally – Brainwave Coaching

There has been extensive clinical research clearly proving that when we listen to frequencies within the range of a brainwave, our brain will be trained into that frequency within a few minutes. We can use these frequencies to help put us into various brainwave states. This can help with a variety of issues including ADD, ADHD, post-traumatic stress, learning disabilities, sleep disorders, enhancing mental clarity, memory, and creativity.

Stay tuned for more information about Sound Frequency Energy Balance.

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  1. very good

    1. Thanks for your trust.

  2. Is there a preset for the Sound Frequency Energy Balance

    1. Hi, our software database includes more than 50000 programs and is still growing. You can choose any program to help with your health. If you want frequency therapy exclusively through sound, you can follow our Youtube channel, we post sound frequency every day: https://www.youtube.com/c/Spooky2Rife/featured

  3. Are these frequencies available in Spooky?

    1. Hi, there are more than 50000 frequencies in our Spooky2 database, you can run these frequencies based on your needs.

      1. Is there a video to explain the process to make a sound frequency

        Melissa Jane Mackenzie
        1. Hi, Melissa. If you have any questions about it, please feel free to send them to [email protected], our support team will give you much more professional details ASAP:)

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