FAQs on TENS Pads Placement and More 6

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Why do people choose to use TENS pads?

There are different options for Contact mode connections, and TENS pads are among the most popular ones. With TENS pads, you can enjoy accurate, pinpoint and comfortable frequency energy for localised health problems. They are also perfect for long treatments and easy biofeedback scanning via Contact mode.

Recommendations for TENS Pads Placement

TENS pads placement is indeed a personal choice. Placing the pads on the left ankle and right wrist is a popular option that targets the entire body. In this way, the electricity can flow from one end to the other side of the body and provides energy coverage across as much as possible.

It has already been stated in many locations, including the user guide, that if you have a known targeted area to address, then the best placement of the pads is to bi-sect the problem area.

With areas above the shoulders, it is stated NOT to use the TENS pads directly as you do not want to send the electricity through your head. There is also the matter of resonating the area around the carotid arteries. It is possible to lock the muscles if you do something incorrectly and constrict the blood flow to your brain.

Where To Best Place Your TENS Pads

  • Place the pads across your painful region. You should try to keep at least 5cm between electrodes.
  • For spinal pain, place the pads on either side of your spine.
  • For leg pain, place the pads on either side of your lower back.
  • For arm pain, place the pads on the hand of the painful arm.

Where Not to Place Your TENS Pads

  • Never place the pads on your eyes, over your heart or above your shoulders.
  • Avoid hairy areas, open wounds and scarred skin areas.
  • Never place a pad directly over a joint; this includes your elbows, knees, and ankles.
  • Pads should never be used when wet and must be set aside to dry before you begin using your TENS unit.
  • Never use a pad that is already damaged. Replace the pads with new ones before running another frequency program.
Connection of TENS Pads to GeneratorX

Connection of TENS Pads to GeneratorX

Connection of TENS Pads to XM Generator

What happens if you get burns or feel uncomfortable when using TENS pads?

First, it is completely normal to get some degree of skin irritation or feel slightly uncomfortable when using TENS pads. Please do not get worried if this happens to you. It is a good sign which tells you to stop the session now and re-evaluate your settings.

If you get shocks during your TENS contact session, this blog may be helpful for you: What You Can Do When You Experience Shocks in Contact Mode

If you get skin irritation or burn, it is usually a sign which indicates the TENS pads are not contacting your body thoroughly. The electricity appears to have entered into the body, not over a wide area of the entire pad surface, but concentrated into a small spot. Hence, it forms an electrical burn.

You can always connect to the colloidal silver port on the Spooky2 Boost to help ensure that current flow is regulated to avoid burns.

When changing your settings on the Spooky2 software, make sure that you do not set the offset to 100% or -100%. The Contact Presets already have the most comfortable settings for you. They employ alternating electrical flow between the two TENS pads to prevent acid buildup based burns.

Placing the TENS pads are on muscles rather than the bone can also help ensure that the electrical flow is evenly spread.

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  1. You stated in your article:

    Where Not to Place Your TENS Pads

    Never place a pad directly over a joint; this includes your elbows, knees, and ankles.

    How does this advice apply when using the elbow, knee, wrist bands, and the socks?

    Karl Wiggins
    1. Hi, this article is for the placement limitations of Spooky2 tens pads, not including Spooky2 contact kits, like socks:)

  2. Wondering why the article says not to place pads on a joint itself but in the diagrams the one for knee shows it right on the knee joint?? Sometimes I have a strange feeling in my knee while cycling and wanted to do a BFB and run it but this is confusing me. Thanks

    1. On second look, the pads are placed on top or under the knee, I was looking at the red markings, SORRY. Never mind.

      1. You are welcome, never mind:) Our pleasure to help you solve any doubts during you using Spooky2.

    2. Because when you move, you create creases in the bends of your joints. Tens pads transmit frequencies into your body through electrical current. When the pads can’t fit your skin completely, the current will be concentrated at the place where it fits, which will cause the local current to be too large and may cause burns.

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