The Terrain Protocol was written by Bryan Yamamoto, a skilled programmer who makes many contributions to Spooky. The entire protocol is contained within a single preset (Terrain (R) – BY). It carefully steps through the detoxification process, removing heavy metals, chemicals, systemic toxins and parasites. Liver, kidney and lymphatic function are also improved.

The duration of this preset is 11 days, after which it loops back to the beginning. During this time, the preset will automatically change settings to suit the treatment type. To do this, the preset contains several smaller presets, each loading after the other. Presets joined in this way are called Chain Presets.

Some inexperienced people are confused about the Terrain (R) – BY preset, and believe it does not function correctly. Their concern is that the preset will not automatically step through the chained presets. The Repeat Sequence value is set to zero. They think this makes the preset continuously loop.

The simple answer lies on page 100 of the User’s Guide, where it states:
"Run For [x] Hours: here, you can set this generator to run for the number of hours you desire. This setting will override any Repeat Sequence settings already entered."

User's Guide

The Terrain preset sets this value to 24 hours. After this duration, the preset will move to the next step.


11 days is a long time to watch the preset complete its cycle. Fortunately, there is a simple way to test this preset. We can use an “Age Factor”. This effectively puts Spooky on "Fast Forward". The Age Factor can be set in the System tab.


Here are 2 simple steps to confirm for yourself that the Detox Protocol does indeed function correctly:

1. Set the “Age Factor” to 10000.
2. Load the preset into a generator, and select Start.

Watch as this preset skips rapidly from one chained preset to the next. Each preset step runs for approximately 9 seconds. After less than 2 minutes, the protocol has completed, and restarts automatically. Remember to return the Age Factor back to its original value of 1 after the test!

Rest assured, this preset does indeed function correctly, and has been verified by people more familiar with Spooky.

Authored by: John White