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Everyone has the unalienable Rights of Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness. That was what the Founding Fathers of the United States said in the Declaration of Independence. Indeed, humans have argued about and chased after freedom and happiness for centuries, and many philosophers and theologians have tried to define these concepts. Despite their efforts, the debate of what they exactly are still goes on.

Still, people attempt to understand true freedom and happiness. In his book The Essence of Happiness and True Freedom, Kristen Wu, a scholar with professional knowledge of philosophy, religion, and culture, gives his explanation. He skillfully blends the wisdom of the East and West, sharing his experiences with everyone to help people get away from agony and find true contentment. 

That is why we recommend this book, whose themes coincide with our mission and values. We know that physical illnesses are manifestations of mental, spiritual, and energy imbalances. Therefore, we not only want to relieve your bodily discomfort but also help you find peace of mind. This book, with profound wisdom and simple explanations, provides a fresh viewpoint on the human experience. Reading it gives the reader a sense of peace and enlightenment, and applying its teachings will transform your life and health.

In the book, Kristen provides a thought-provoking and profound exploration of human suffering, and describes happiness as a fleeting alleviation of suffering. For example, we feel happy when our desire is satisfied, such as winning a game in gambling or climbing to the top of a mountain. We may immediately feel delighted about these achievements, but the joy will quickly disappear, and we become undissatisfied again. Therefore, in truth, it is these desires that cause suffering in the first place, and the temporary relief is but a link in the downward spiral that makes you indulge in the desires and want more.

So, what is true happiness? What can we do to find it? Kristen provides an inspiring perspective, and encourages us to find peace instead. All you need to do is give up your desires, and you will end the cycle of suffering and relief and find true contentment.

Giving up your desires may initially sound difficult or even impossible, but you are not without tools. In the book, Kristen mentions three ways: understanding karma, meditating, and following a wise teacher. Among the three, meditation seems to be the simplest way that individuals can practice alone. It is indeed a very effective way to find the peace Kristen talks about. By cultivating the body and mind and controlling our breath, we can tame our desires.

At Spooky2, we always emphasize the benefits of meditation and encourage people to try it because we know it is an effective way to manage stress, anxiety, and negative emotions while enhancing self-awareness and inner strength. We aim to empower people to better cope with challenges in health and life, and so does the book. As a result, we recommend The Essence of Happiness and True Freedom to help and guide you to faster recovery, better health, and balance of the body and soul. We believe you will find spiritual liberation, comprehensive health, and true happiness and freedom after reading it.

The Essence of Happiness and True Freedom is a stimulating and enlightening read for those interested in exploring the human experience, the pursuit of happiness and freedom, and the complex interplay of emotions, desires, and attachments that shape our lives. It is a must-read for all. We invite you to read this remarkable book to help manage your physical and mental health better, and maybe you can start meditating and learning to control your desires today.

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