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Advantages of Spooky2 Cold Laser and FAQs 10

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Spooky2 Cold Laser has gained popularity among many customers due to its effectiveness in relieving pain, inflammation, and swelling. However, many clients are unaware of the underlying principles that contribute to these benefits. In this blog, we will explore this topic and address frequently asked questions about using Spooky2 Cold Laser to help users maximize its functionality.

Working Principles and Advantages of Spooky2 Cold Laser

Cold laser uses safe, non-thermal light photons to accelerate the body’s natural restoring processes. These photons penetrate the skin and fat tissues under the skin, where the light energy is absorbed and interacts with light-sensitive elements within the cells. This absorption of light energy enables cells to normalize, leading to increased intracellular metabolism and, consequently, faster relief from pain, inflammation, and swelling.

Cold laser is particularly beneficial for addressing pain, joint and neurological issues, wounds, burns, dental problems, lymph node swelling, tinnitus, bone and tissue regeneration, and more. In Spooky2, we have two different Cold Laser accessories. Spooky2 Cold Laser Wrist is designed to be worn around the wrist, facilitating the restoration of the entire blood supply, the carpal tunnel, and the meridian complex. Meanwhile, Spooky2 Cold Laser Twin allows for targeted application to various body areas, including the oral cavity, ear canals, and nostrils.

The below examples show how some of our customers use Spooky2 Cold Laser to address their health concerns.

Spooky2 Cold Laser Relieves My Sore Tooth.

My husband’s Tinnitus Is Improved After Using Spooky2 Cold Laser.

Here are some photos shared by our users:

Spooky2 Cold Laser FAQs

Q: What’s the difference between Spooky2 Cold Laser Twin and Spooky2 Cold Laser Wrist?
A: The only differences are the number of lasers, power, and physical construction. The wrist has a strap. It’s designed for easy treatments on the wrist, leg, or arm. And it is 5mW. The 5mW wrist unit has five lasers, so the overall output power is higher (25mW). The twin has two more powerful lasers (7mW*2) that are better for applications in smaller areas such as ear, nose, navel, or meridian treatments. Both can improve blood and use the same wavelength of light.

Q: Checking out Spooky2 Cold Laser, which would be more suitable for neck pain? The wrist or the twin?
A: Both are fine. But if you do want to choose one, then the twin. You can put one on each side. You can tape or hold it there to help relieve the area.

Q: Which is better for dental problems – Spooky2 Cold Laser Wrist or Spooky2 Cold Laser Twin? How to apply them?
A: We would like to recommend Laser Twin because you can get it inside your mouth, and it has covers to help keep it clean.

Q: Is eye protection required during laser treatment?
A: Yes, eye protection is required. Never shine the light of lasers directly into your eyes. We send one pair of special glasses to our users together with the lasers as a gift.

Q: How long should I use cold laser products per time? And how many times should I use per day?
A: In general, the ideal duration of a cold laser would be 30 seconds to 30 minutes. With a longer treatment time, it will not cause damage to tissues, but it also doesn’t increase the effectiveness of the treatment. And 1-2 times a day would be okay.

Q: How can l clean Spooky2 Cold Laser Twin? Can I use Spooky2 Cold Laser through my clothing?
A: Using alcohol is always good. Preferably directly shine the light on the skin.

Q: Can I connect Spooky2 Cold Laser to the high-power port of Spooky2 Boost?
A: No, please directly connect the cold laser to one of the output ports of your generator. You can watch the two videos to learn how to use Spooky2 Cold Laser with your generator.

Q: Can I use Cold Laser and PEMF Coil at the same time on one generator?
A: Yes. You can connect Cold Laser to Out1 and PEMF Coil to Out2 and change the settings in Spooky2 software to fit them both. For more details, please click here.

Q: Could we use Spooky2 Cold Laser for burn if I burn my hand with hot water?
A: Yes. Cold laser won’t make a burn area warm, and it will improve the lymphatic flow to the burn area.

In conclusion, if you want to address health issues, particularly in alleviating pain and inflammation, Spooky2 Cold Laser is the right choice. If you have any questions regarding its usage, please feel free to comment below or email us at [email protected]. We will do our best to assist you. Welcome to join our group to learn from others’ experiences with Spooky2 Cold Laser.

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  1. can I use the same generator at the same time for “remote” to treat the cat (it is running currently) and add the “cold laser” for me for joint problems.
    If yes, how.
    tahank you for the answer

    :irena :gruntar
    1. Hi, if your generator is a GX/GXPro, then it is possible. You can refer to how to connect Remote and Clod Laser to run on the same generator: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uB8Nc02d3Ds, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i6MSMfCuRCI. If you still don’t know how to operate it, please contact our email: [email protected], the customer service team will help you to solve your problem.

  2. How does the spooky2 laser help with hip & back pain?
    & Arthritis inflammation?

    1. Hi Danny, here are two blogs about Arthritis and back pain: https://www.spooky2-mall.com/blog/how-can-spooky2-help-with-arthritis/, https://www.spooky2-mall.com/blog/alleviate-back-pain-with-spooky2-embrace-a-pain-free-future/, you can just refer to this instructions to choose Cold Laser mode. Any questions, feel free to contact us by email: [email protected].

  3. Can the cold laser safely be used with a metal implant: cochlear or heart?

    1. Hi Cheryl, please don’t worry, Cold Laer is safe for metal implants. Any questions, feel free to contact us.

  4. Hi, I have send an e-mail to you but didn’t get an answer. So I’ll try it here. What program should I use on my GeneratorX for my mom who had two brain strokes and lost a part of her speech. I’m looking forward to your response.

    1. Hello Judith. We are very sorry for the inconvenience caused to you. After confirmation, we found that we have responded to your email on February 1st. Please confirm whether our email has been entered into the spam box at your convenience.
      Regarding your question about which programs can be run to help with stroke, we suggest that you can find stroke-related programs under the program tab to run to help your mother. At the same time, if you still need more help, you can contact our staff via email in time, and we will reply to you as soon as possible.

  5. My wife is suffering from Basal cell carcinoma inside her nose. Would the cold laser be of benefit in treating this condition. Any additional information on how to treat this or not treat this condition would be welcomed.

    1. Hello Gerald, yes, you can help this problem by placing the Spooky2 Cold Laser Twin in your wife’s nasal area. Any questions, feel free to contact us by email.

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