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An Interview about John White and Spooky2 4

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“So, John, how did you kind of get into Rife and getting this product out?”

A few days ago, John White, the creator of Spooky2, accepted an interview with Steve Fierro who is a podcaster and runs a channel called From Wall Street to Awakening. The entire interview was conducted in a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere and conveyed a lot of useful information.

About John White and Spooky2

John White is a writer, researcher and inventor with a background in electrical engineering, physics and computer sciences. He has been researching and developing solutions to serious diseases since 2008. John specializes in energy and scalar resonance healing, biofeedback and PEMF pulse electric. To get to that PMF therapy with an insatiable desire for truth and knowledge. John has collaborated with other research groups to discover answers to health issues

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About Steve Fierro

Through sharing personal journey of self-discovery, Steve Fierro’s podcast is about awakening, hope, transformation and truth and will explore all things related to life, wellness, holistic healing/reversing disease, health, happiness, fulfillment and self-realization. Steve Fierro focuses on exposing hidden truths and esoteric knowledge of people and this world that will free listeners from their fear, stress, anxiety and limiting beliefs of what’s possible for themselves, their body, their life, how they feel and what they can achieve.

About the Interview

The interview is informative, and topics covered many aspects. Where did Spooky2 started from? How did Spooky2 evolve to this day step by step? What kind of Spooky2 team is? These and many other questions are all answered by John White during this interview.

Everything you want to know about Spooky2 is here.

It’s a long video, but is definitely worth your time!

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  1. I have worked with radionics/psycotronics and rife frequency generators from Peter Kelly,Hieronomos, Willard Frank, Ed Skilling, Bob Beck ect.since the early ’80s. And was close personal friends with them, introduced by my mentot Lutie Larsen. HOW ARE YOUR instrumends similar or different than thiers?

  2. Thank you for this heart warming conversation!
    A question, this ray gun from what you spoke, can me send the website adress …
    I could not work out the spelling in the video.

    Have a good time ferdinand

    Ferdinand Lachinger
    1. Hi Ferdinand .Please check the Ray Gun on our another brand sister website here

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