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Backing up Your Spooky2 Personal Data Files 2

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If you ever want to backup your personal Spooky2 data, say to erase the disk and to reinstall the operating system, or to move to a new laptop or computer, here are the files and folders you need to save and restore on the new system.

Typically the Spooky2 folder is in “This PC“, Local Disk (C:), Spooky2, or abbreviated to C:\Spooky2\. In the list of files below, if a file name ends with the backslash character (\), this means you copy the entire folder (Note: in the File Explorer, you will not see the \ at the end of the name, but instead you will see a folder icon). If it ends with an extension (like .csv), then this is a single file.
In the Spooky2 folder (typically C:\Spooky2\), save the following folders:

  • ScanData\
  • Data\
  • Presets Collections\User\

Also save the following files:

  • custom.csv
  • BFB_Frequencies.csv

Screen Shot 2020-03-22 at 6.44.44 PM

Here are the meanings of files you back up:

  • ScanData\: a folder containing all your raw scan data files
  • Data\: a folder containing your Spooky2 settings
  • Preset Collections\User\: a folder containing all your custom Presets
  • custom.csv: the database of your custom programs you’ve created
  • BFB_Frequencies.csv: the database of your biofeedback scan results you’ve saved as a program

When copying these files and folders in your new computer, you want to put the single files and the ScanData\ and Data\ folders into the Spooky2 folder. The User\ folder you saved will be copied into the Preset Collections\ folder.

Authored by Bryan Yamamoto

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  1. Can you change the location of the user folders so it can automatically be backed up by dropbox or another cloud service?

    1. Not recommend. You can change the location of the user folder, but software will not be able to read after moving.

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