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Biofeedback Using BPM and HRV Values 2

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When we use a biofeedback scan, we are asking the body to tell us what it needs. The body knows well and does not lie. However, when we try to force the body to go in a direction we want, well this just does not usually work out well.

While we can isolate the results to known modalities, one would be hard pressed to scan with only one result in mind.

You can’t really tell your body to ignore all the things you maybe don’t even know about, in favor of that one frequency that will make your left toe stop itching.

Lots of times things get complicated by the fact we try to treat based on symptoms and not the source. When doing a biofeedback scan, the body knows the source and will respond accordingly.

With that in mind, one should use the frequencies as is in a treatment. I often see that someone believes they need to use the information to select frequency sets to run. The best frequency set was already given.

With that said, we can filter the results the body returns into specific modalities.

When we scan for Max BPM, we are only finding frequencies that elicit a maximum stress event. Therefore, all results will be of a killing modality.

When we scan for Min BPM, we are only finding frequencies that elicit a calming event, therefore of a healing modality.

When we scan using Max HRV, we are finding frequencies that elicit the maximum stress or calming event, as this is an absolute function. This means all frequency hits returns can be for either modality, and there is no way to know for which.

When we scan using Min HRV, we are looking for frequencies that elicit the least change to our body. Again this is an absolute function — can find both types of frequencies. Where this may be useful is if you are looking for frequencies for instance that help maintain a steady state during meditation.

As for the frequency range.

76k to 152k is an octal range. 152 is twice that of 76. It is like scanning one octave of the piano from Middle C to High C.

Every frequency is covered by harmonic resonance when you scan a range like this. The low C, the lowest A, and the highest G on the piano are also tickled by resonance.

So the entire range can not be defined as a killing only range. While we do not have all frequencies mapped out to make a claim like this on any range, when dealing with an octal range (ending frequency is twice the starting frequency), you essentially are covering all frequencies and thus the entire gambit.

The frequency is what does the work. Not the settings, not the preset.

So if you use the results from a Max BPM scan with the Healing preset, which uses a square wave, it will still kill stuff.

If you ran it via the Killing preset, you would just aid the frequencies ability to kill by using more appropriate settings.

You can not turn a frequency from one modality to another by switching presets or waveforms.

Authored by Jeff Kaczor
Source: https://www.facebook.com/groups/spooky2/permalink/695597520602154/

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  1. I asked a question about finding a frequency when I did not know the condition I could see. I was trying to diagnose a problem. That is the wrong way to find relief. This article states that the body knows the problem and will so indicate the frequency to use for the most needed problems in a list of 20. I should have known this as I know that when dealing with the mental problems, the patient knows the problem and will talk about the most confrontable before the hidden. The patient or his body knows the problem and will tell you. You cannot tell a person his mental or physical problem and expect results. I also learned several other notes on remote scanning. Thanks for a very clear explanation to answer my confusion.

  2. Hello,
    I have a pulse devide from another company but it looks thes same as Spooky Pulse and is detected by Spooky software. Unfortunately during the biofeedback scan: General purpose full system biofeedback scan C R W – HRV and BMP values remian 0. During other biofeedback scans these values also remain zero. I did adjust the sensor and tried different options in the software, but HRV and BMP do not show other values than zero. The light on the sensor lights up in synchr with heartbeat, so it detects it correctly. What could be the issue source?

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