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Film Your Spooky2 Story and Win a GX Pro Kit 2

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Dear Spooky2 users/supporters,

This year has also been full of achievements and development. We have received many inspiring stories in our Facebook group, Spooky2 forum, and emails. Some advanced Spooky2 users even discovered some exciting applications of Rife frequencies and graciously shared them with us, which have helped many other people in the Spooky2 community to regain their health.

In this month filled with celebrations, we’d love to hear from you again.


The entire month of November


Don’t worry. Spooky2 will cover the shipping of the prize for you.

How to participate:

Only videos are accepted.

Your video should be at least 1 minute long, but there is no need to make it too long. A few minutes will be fine.

Please make sure that you have answered the following questions in your video:

  1. A brief self-introduction.
  2. How did you know about Spooky2?
  3. Which Spooky2 devices are you using?
  4. How long have you been using Spooky2?
  5. How did Spooky2 help you?
  6. Which program/protocol have you used?
  7. Explain why you would recommend Spooky2 to other people.

Once finished filming your video, share it with Spooky2 by sending the video directly to [email protected], or upload it to your google drive and send the link to us.

You can also post your video on your YouTube channel or other social platforms and share the link with us via email or live chat.

Don’t forget to ask your friends and relatives to vote for you on this page once your video is uploaded!

Please fill in your video's link above and click the submit button.

We wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving in advance, and remember to share your inspiring story with us when you have time!

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  1. This is my story, I was born in North Wales in 1948, I am 74 now, I will do a brief history of me. I moved to London, when 2 years old. At age 4 I got Polio, was paralyzed in my right leg & wore calipers for 5 weeks, then get better. Was bullied at school a lot, so would stay at home, left at age 14. Both of my parents worked full time & I stayed with a minder, my parents didn’t really care about me, but my grandparents loved me. I spent all the summer with them. At 17 got married, as I was pregnant. The marriage was abusive, mentally & physically. This left me with a lot of health problems. In 2001 I divorce my husband. After getting over it, I was happy. Then in 2005 I had a quadruple heart bypass, which was horrible, but eventually I got over it. After the op I still had problems, the main thing was my breathing, when I went to sleep, I would get a scrapping noise from my chest, also, other noises, wheezing, this would keep me awake.
    One day, I was watching a video of Michelle Felding talking to John White. I listened & it really indicated to me. It stayed on my mind, so eventually I got enough cash to purchase the cheapest generator, got the blue one. I would love to get the Professional one & do a bio feed as with the blue generator would have to be still for an hour, but this is impossible for me, did try this but I moved too much. When I first got my starter kit, I did the 11-day detox, the kit was easy to set up. I checked out all the programs & ran all the items relating to breathing. I even did something for Polio. I use my spooky 2 every day, often do the Wellness program & a Maintenace detox. I still have problems, but do not know what they are. After using the spooky 2, now when I go to sleep, there is NO noise from my chest & my breathing is normal, wow, I am so pleased. I have been using the Spooky for approximately since July 2022 & will continue to use it as I totally believe in frequencies & how this can affect our lives. Thank you all those in creating this, I am amazed at what can be sorted out, everything. Words are beyond me. God Bless You ALL for creating this wonderful system.

    1. Hi, Susan Talbot. Thanks for your kind sharing. l believe you will get some good results in the future:)💕

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