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Mental disorders are a group of disorders that are affecting your ability to think, behave, and control your mood. People who are experiencing high levels of pressure or stress are most likely to have mental disorders. Nowadays, mental disorders are common that nearly 19% of U.S. adults are having or have experienced some form of mental disorders.

Typical symptoms of mental disorders:

  • Feeling sad or down constantly.
  • Extreme feelings of fear, worry, or guilt.
  • A drastic change in mood.
  • Low level of energy or having trouble sleeping.
  • Feeling hard to concentrate.

Benefits of this healing frequency:

  • Relieve negative feelings: stress, sadness, worry, etc.
  • Help to maintain a healthy mood.
  • Good sleep.

And most importantly, please remember you are not alone.

Welcome to listen to this frequency and share it with your friends and family.

We suggest listening to this at least 2-3 times a day to see a possible effect. And it depends on your needs and personal situation to choose the volume level. We recommend maintaining a moderate volume at a comfortable level to prevent any hearing injury. Make sure you have enough lemon water or pure water to flush the die-offs from your body.

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