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Healing Frequency for Salivary Gland Disorders – Spooky2 Rife Healing Frequency 2

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Salivary gland is located in the mouth. It is responsible for making your food moist, helping you to chew and swallow. It also helps you to digest, clean your mouth and contains antibodies that can kill germs.

Problems with salivary gland may cause them to become irritated and swollen. Causes of salivary gland problems include infections, obstruction, or even problem. While some conditions go away with time or by taking antibiotics, others require more serious treatments such as surgery.

This frequency video will help to relieve:

  • Dry mouth.
  • Pain in your face or mouth.
  • Swelling of your face or neck.

Welcome to listen to this frequency and share it with your friends and family.

We suggest listening to this at least 2-3 times a day to see a possible effect. And it depends on your needs and personal situation to choose the volume level. We recommend maintaining a moderate volume at a comfortable level to prevent any hearing injury. Make sure you have enough lemon water or pure water to flush the die-offs from your body.

NOTE: Download our FREE frequency list to experience these frequencies and see whether they work for you here.

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  1. Hello, can you please provide the names and frequencies used in this audio in the Spooky2 database? I would like to run them with my GenX

    1. You can search Salivary Gland keywords in Spooky2 software. Then you will find the program mentioned in the post.

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