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How to Take a Foot Bath with Spooky2 Leave a comment

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It isn’t always necessary for you to go to a meditation class or solution session to get yourself relaxed. Soaking your feet in a bath of hot water can soothe your tired spirit and help you restore energy. Taking a hot foot bath after an exhausting day is a wonderful idea to relax and calm down. However, a foot bath can do more than relaxation. A warm foot bath can improve blood circulation, relieve muscle tension and pain, reduce anxiety and stress, and hydrate your feet.

You can also add extra ingredients to your foot bath. Different additions will bring various health benefits. Here are some popular ways to make your foot bath even better.


Vinegar is made from fermented grapes or apples. It’s high in acetic acid. During the fermentation process, the sugar breaks down. However, the vitamins and antioxidants, such as polyphenols, are left in the end product. It makes vinegar a healthy beverage. Vinegar also has natural antibacterial properties, so bacteria have a hard time growing on your skin. It can fight bacteria that cause odour.

To bath your feet with vinegar, mix warm water with vinegar in a tub or bowl. Note that vinegar is quite acidic and may cause irritation. If you experience any discomfort, you should stop or try to dilute the vinegar with more water.

Essential Oil

Essential oil is the concentrated extract of plants. There are several ways of using it, including adding a few drops to your foot bath. The health benefit of essential oil depends on the plant.

Here we listed a few for you to try:

  • Cedarwood oil is an antiseptic and anti-fungal, good for Athlete’s Foot.
  • Cypress oil is an antiseptic and natural deodorant, which is helpful if you have a blister or are concerned about foot odour.
  • Juniper berry oil alleviates muscle aches, including those caused by arthritis.
  • Lavender oil is a favourite for relaxation and also a natural pain reliever.
  • Rosemary oil helps soothe tired muscles and has antiseptic properties.
  • Wintergreen oil is considered nature’s aspirin. It helps with pain and swelling and has a cooling sensation that is particularly pleasurable on tired feet.

Prepare a Foot Bath with Spooky2

You have to have Spooky2 Hand Cylinders for Spooky2 foot bath.
Do not use offline Generators.

First, connect Spooky2 Boost to your generator.
Then, connect Spooky2 Hand Cylinders to boost with TENS cable.
Connect your generator to the computer.
Connect the power adapter to the generator.
Turn on your generator.
Second, fill a bucket 1/4 full with warm pure water.
Place one Spooky2 Stainless Hand Cylinder in the water. Do not allow the other end of the Hand Cylinder connected with the TENS Cable to touch the water.
Third, put both your feet in the water.
Hold the other Spooky2 Stainless Hand Cylinder with your hands.

Note: If you have 2 buckets, you could place a Hand Cylinder inside each one.

Place one foot in each bucket.
Then, open Spooky2 software.
Go to the Presets tab, and search “foot bath”.
Go to the Control tab, click “Overwrite Generator” and choose your generator port.
Click the “Start” button to begin your foot bath.
The total duration is about 44 minutes.

Now you know how to make a comforting and healthy foot bath, which one do you plan on enjoying tonight?

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