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Cholesterol is a waxy, fat-like substance found in the body’s cells. It is vital for building cell membranes, producing hormones, and creating materials that help digest food. Maintaining a cholesterol balance is necessary because high cholesterol can increase the risk of heart disease. Therefore, let’s learn about how Spooky2 can help you keep normal cholesterol levels in this article.

Causes of High Cholesterol

Cholesterol travels in the bloodstream and is attached to proteins, forming a substance called lipoprotein. There are two main types of cholesterol based on what the lipoprotein transports, including:

  • High-density lipoprotein (HDL) – “good” cholesterol
  • Low-density lipoprotein (LDL) – “bad” cholesterol

Many factors and health conditions contribute to harmful cholesterol and triglycerides, a type of fat that can also promote the development of heart disease when its level is high. For example:

  • lack of exercise
  • obesity
  • an unhealthy diet with too much fat
  • smoking
  • drinking alcohol
  • kidney disease
  • diabetes
  • birth control pills

Abnormal cholesterol levels can happen in young children, but it’s more common in adults over 40 because the liver’s ability to remove LDL cholesterol decreases with aging.

Complications of High Cholesterol

High cholesterol can lead to a dangerous accumulation of cholesterol and other deposits along artery walls, restricting blood flow within the arteries and potentially resulting in complications such as:

  • chest pain
  • heart disease
  • stroke
  • peripheral artery disease

Ways to Reduce the Risk of High Cholesterol

There are several steps you can take to improve your cholesterol levels and lessen the potential damage caused by high cholesterol:

  • avoid smoking
  • eat a low-salt diet
  • maintain a healthy weight
  • exercise regularly
  • avoid drinking too much alcohol
  • manage stress

If you have a heart disease or diabetes, you are more likely to need medicine to lower your high cholesterol levels.

Use Spooky2 to Lower Your High Cholesterol

If you want to keep your cholesterol levels balanced in a natural way, Spooky2 is an ideal choice. As the most advanced and versatile Rife machine, Spooky2 provides five different modes of frequency transmission to satisfy your various needs. It also has the world’s largest frequency database of over 60,000 programs for free to target all kinds of health conditions.

For cholesterol, we recommend you use remote mode.

Hardware Preparation:

Software Operations:

Step 1: Go to the Preset tab, and choose Shell (Empty) Presets > Remote > Healing (R) – JW.

Step 2: Go to the Programs tab, search “cholesterol” for relevant programs, and choose the one(s) you want.

Step 3: Go to the Control tab, tick “Overwrite Generator”, choose your generator port, and click the “Start” button to begin.

User Testimonials

I’ll never be without Spooky2!

When I bought my first Spooky2 remote, I still had Hashimoto and was very overweight. That changed though. Now with three Spooky2 Remotes, I have clear bloods! Confirmed the other week. NO evidence of Hashimoto, high cholesterol (which I had), or sugars elevated. All organs checked and clear!

High cholesterol is relatively common, affecting millions of people worldwide. Lifestyle changes can manage cholesterol levels, and Spooky2 Rife, using frequency healing therapy, can offer a natural way to maintain your blood health. Embark on your journey to wellness with Spooky2 XM Generator Portable Starters Kit.

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