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There are several reasons behind diarrhea, like infections, medications or treatment. To put it in a simple way, your digestive system finds something, deems it to be a problem and works to take it out of your body. It can be some food ingredients your digest system can’t digest or is allergic to, or an invading bacterium that could to lead to harm.

But as harmful as diarrhea can be, fortunately, diarrhea doesn’t last very long and we can recover from that with one or two weeks for the most cases. If you are troubled by diarrhea, you can try some of the suggestions below to help minimize the effects of diarrhea.

Bottle Water

Drinking bottle water can reduce the risk of getting diarrhea, since many waterways contain intestinal parasites.

Know Your Body Condition

Some people may have some medical conditions like food allergies diabetes or ulcers, that they tend to experience diarrhea more in their lives. In this case, they should be more cautious about they are going to eat than other people are.

Keep It Plain

If right now you are experiencing diarrhea, it is better not try eat or drink something new and unusual. Try a a bland carbohydrate diet instead with food like bread or rice.

Avoid Antacids

When you are having diarrhea and want to try some medicine, please try to avoid antacids Maalox and Mylanta. As very often, people tend to mistake bloating with diarrhea and they take antacid which can lead to stronger bowel movement as for these compounds contain magnesium.

Restore The Balance

We often hear that we should drink more hot water when we have diarrhea, but in fact, it’s better to drink a sports beverage instead. During a diarrhea, our body loses some important body fluids and electrolytes. And our body need the electrolytes to function properly.

Try a Mixture of Food

Try BRAT diet while you are having diarrhea. BRAT means a combination of foods which include bananas, rice, applesauce and toast. You can also change the formula by adding another T, which stands for tea.

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