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[SAMA Talks] Episode 165: Meditation – A Better Path to Healthy Inner Peace Leave a comment

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We were delighted to have Dr. Yole Raam as our guest expert in this week’s episode.

Dr. Yole Raam pioneered holistic, natural, healthy and sustainable living in Europe and USA since 1979. He created and managed numerous environmental, charitable, educational organizations and projects.

Now, Yole continues bringing his contribution to global awakening and healing work, unifying ancient wisdom and modern scientific research to restore a natural, healthy life for all families.

Dr. Yole Raam is a meditation expert. Today we will discuss the benefits and working theory of meditation.

Yole (1)
Yole (2)

During this interview, Dr. Yole Raam shared:
4:00, What is meditation?
15:00, Yole shares his understanding of meditation and its principles.
42:00, Can everyone enjoy the benefit of meditation?
48:30, Recommendations for the beginners.
01:01:38, How long does it take to learn how to meditate for the beginners?
01:09:30, Is it better to have long meditation sessions?
01:14:45, The duration and the best time for meditation.
01:17:30, Are there any people who truly can’t meditate?
01:23:35, The origin of meditation.
01:26:35, Suggestions to people can be easily affected by the surroundings during meditation.
01:28:50, Is it good or bad if people fall asleep during meditation?
01:31:30, What is the difference between zim sleep and falling asleep during meditation?
01:33:40, Is it okay if people have many thoughts during the meditation?
01:42:30 Can meditation help the body heal faster?
01:43:38, Are there any tips to avoid getting headaches when you meditate?
01:46:20, Suggestions for people who get reactions such as back pain during the meditation.
01:48:00, Should we pay attention to the ideas that appeared during the meditation?

If you have any questions on this subject, please feel free to send us an email at [email protected].

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