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Spooky Tens Pad and Spooky Hand Cylinder Q&A Leave a comment

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Q: Are copper pipes more effective than the standard contacts?

A: I have no data to substantiate which is better. As long as the contact material can provide sufficient electrical conductivity, I cannot see why one would be better than the other.
There are others who have expressed concerns, that choice of material used for contact rods can influence whether the material is absorbed into the body. The surgical grade stainless steel rods supplied by Spooky2 should not adversely affect an individual. Copper certainly has benefits documented of its own regarding use in other modalities, but one has to be careful not to absorb too much copper and have it go out of balance with ones zinc levels. I again stress I have no data as to whether copper rods used in contact mode even results in copper absorption, and certainly there are many who do in fact use copper rods.

For more details, please check the link:

Q: What is the recommended way of holding the hand cylinders?

A: Why not have one on a hand and the other on your foot? It would be impossible to bypass the current then put one hand cylinder under your foot. Use a damp cloth to make good contact.

Q: Would holding with one hand the contact and the other at a different body part like waist or leg affect the results when not symmetrically hold it?

A: Electricity will take the shortest path of resistance. Therefore, where you place the contact rods will determine what areas of the body are most directly affected. Hand to hand, generally will cover the upper body the best, but leave the lower body with less direct application — relying more on signal propagation. If you select right hand and left foot, you increase the coverage of the entire body.

So in your example, the area that lies between the hand and the waist would have the strongest application of the program. TENS pads are generally used in place of the contact pads when doing targeted application of electrical signals as they are easier to keep in place.

For more details, please check the link:

Q: In contact mode, can the feet be just as effective as the hands?

A: Yes, they are the same effective. Our recommendation is to go from one hand to the opposite side foot for maximum coverage.

Q: Can 2 hands touch each other during contact session using hand cylinders?

A: No. The current must pass through the body. If the hands are touching then the current bypasses the body.

The current always takes the easiest path. If the hands are touching then the current will just loop between the hands.

Q: If both hands touch the leg during contact session using hand cylinders, is that ok?

A: Different legs? Or same leg? Touching separate legs is ok. Touching the same leg will bypass the body.

Q: Is it ok if I wear metal rings on my fingers during contact session using hand cylinders?

A: It is ok. The rings will work as part of the hand cylinders.

Q: Do you need to use wet or dry paper toweling with Spooky Tubes?

A: Yes, you can use wet towels.

Q: What if the chair is steel during contact session using hand cylinders?

A: Is the metal touching your skin? Metal conducts easier than your body, so if the metal touches your skin in more than one place then it will bypass your body at that point.

Q: How many times I can reuse TENS pads? Can the TENS pads be reused?

A: About 20 times. They can be reused. You can use it until TENS pads are not sticky. After each use you can stick them onto the plastic sheet that they originally came with.

Q: Is the wrist a good location to use tens pads or should it be more specific to the problem area?

A: The inside wrist location should be not be used as it is a very sensitive area and veins are directly under the skin. Here is a practical guideline for the use of TENS pads:

Q: When using the tens pads, the wire color doesn’t coordinate with placement right?

A: Yes. Contact mode does not require that a specific color be wired to a specific location.

For more details, please check:

Q: How many times a day max to use the Spooky2 in Contact Mode?

A: We suggest 2 sessions tops. It is better to take things slowly.

Q: Is there any added benefit to contact treatments twice a day vs. Once?

A: As for contact, once a day is usually sufficient, followed up with remote mode for the rest of the day.

One can certainly add a 2nd contact treatment in the evening to try and boost efficacy. But 2 times max per day.

To apply the same program all day via contact though, is generally considered too much.
The efficacy of 7 daily contact treatments will not be matched by 7 back-to-back contact treatments. The body needs time to process.

For more details, please check:

Q: Can I use the TENS pad and Spooky Tubes anywhere on the body?

A: TENS pads can be used anywhere where the skin is not too hairy, sensitive or damaged. It is best to use higher frequencies. Start with short sessions to make sure your skin is not damaged through electrolysis.

Be very careful for any application above the neck. Keep treatment times short, especially for high power levels.

Please check the details of Tens pads replacement from here:

Q: What do people feel when they use contact mode?

A: What people usually perceive is a tingling in their hands. Slight tingling, especially at the very start (which disappears quickly), or a short “shock” felt in the hands when you’ve just made a contact, would be OK (not dangerous). If they are using Spooky boost v2.0 and use the colloidal silver port, they will not feel it since there is a 10k resistor in the circuit to keep the current down. It will lower the power, but effectiveness does not require current higher than 0.5ma. Any current higher than that would only result in unpleasant sensations rather than better performance.

Q: I don’t feel any current using with tens pads but they may just be due to the settings in this set.

A: To feel the TENS pads, you will need a few things.

1. The voltage of sufficient magnitude. 10v on a boost will suffice. 20v if not using a boost (which is what 10v on a boost is).

2. A low frequency that your body responds to. Anything from 200 – 1200 Hz should do.

Q: How to decide on the amplitude when using contact mode and what does that mean?

A: Contact needs enough voltage to penetrate the skin in order for it to penetrate through the body. The recommendation is between 14-20v.

Enable reduce amplitude < 10 kHz so that in the case of low frequencies, it does not shock the system terribly — low frequencies can interact with the nervous system.

For more details, please check:

Q: Can I increase the amplitude to be more effective (if thick skin to not feel much or get faster results)?

A: Amplitude is one of those areas that there’s no one size fits all solution. With contract, you will need sufficient amplitude to penetrate the skin, so 14v+ is recommended. With remote, more amplitude does not necessarily equate to higher efficacy. In some cases, less amplitude will work better. Depends on the program and the individual. Usually one will have to try the same program using various values for amplitude only to find what works best.

From the perspective of the spectrum sweeps, 20v is required to provide sufficient amplitude to all frequencies being generated at once. Even so, the amount of power when using a wave cycle multiplier of 96 allocated to each frequency is just about .2v. Hence why this method is currently not supported via contact mode.

Please check the blog-How Much Amplitude Should I Use?

For more details, please check the link:

Q: Does contact current penetrate deep inside the body?

A: Yes, the current flows through the least resistance path. This is a fact. However, the exact path it is actually using is unknown.

For more details, please check the link:

Q: Is it possible to use 2 generators for contact use at the same time? Can I use one on a treatment setting and one on a detox/healing setting at the same time but both on the TENS pads? (So I’d be using 4 pads attached to the body).

A: No. To do so creates a situation where electricity from one generator may flow into the other generator as it will take the path of least resistance.

For what you want to do, run the detox generator in remote mode while you are using the other under contact.

If you wanted to use 4 TENS pads, you could if you used Out 1 and Out 2 from the same generator, but to do so you would loose the boosted effect, and thus power would be 1/4 of using the boosted port.

For more details, please check:

Q: Can you use tens pads for mental health issues? Or should I stick to the hand cylinders? And since mental health issues are connected to the body, should different bodily placements be used for different mental health frequencies?

A: When use Rife, electrodes should never be placed on the skull. Nor should they be placed on the neck, particularly in the carotid artery or jugular vein area. This can stop the heart.

You could try a pad on either side of the spine between or on the shoulder blades. You can also use the handhelds electrodes. The body contains a high percentage of water, once the current has overcome the resistance of the skin, inner tissues are conductive.

If you type “head electrodes”, or “neck electrodes” into the search window, you’ll see several interesting posts..

Q: My grand daughter has now gotten a temporary metal bar put in her mouth for braces. Can she still use the contact (tens) even though she has metal in her mouth? 

A: Yes she can. The metals used for braces are not reactive and will be unaffected by the use of TENS pads. Please remember that Contact Mode should never be used above the neck.

Q: Are you running spectrum on contact? How would I run a Spectrum Sweep in contact mode?

A: The Spectrum sweeps will have zero effect in Contact Mode. This is because 10 slowly moving frequencies are produced as the sweep proceeds. Each frequency requires a portion of the total voltage produced. This is 20 volts, which means that each frequency is allocated 2 volts. This is fine for Remote Mode, but Contact Mode requires 14-20 volts for a frequency to achieve adequate cell penetration.

But this has been changed when Spooky Central was released, and there are additional Spectrum sweeps engineered to take advantage of the large increase in power.

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