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Spooky2 Global Aid Foundation – Together for Good! Leave a comment

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Spooky2 has always been striving to exceed our customers’ expectations with high-quality products and professional customer support since its establishment. In just a few years, we have already achieved what many people thought was impossible at the beginning.

However, we could never become successful without our customers. Spooky2 has a group of dearest customers who are always supportive and generous throughout these years.

To all our customers, we thank you with all our hearts. You are the ones who make everything possible.

But we don’t stop there. As a company that often reflects on itself and tries to do better, Spooky2 will continue to improve the quality of products and customer service in the future.

As many of you may have noticed, Spooky2 has established its own charity foundation this year – the Spooky2 Global Aid Foundation!

Right from the very beginning, our mission has been to eliminate needless suffering. Now we can proudly say that we have taken another small step towards our mission.

About Spooky2 Global Aid Foundation

Spooky2 Global Aid Foundation is a charity foundation established by Spooky2 company on behalf of all Spooky2 customers. $1 from every order of Spooky2 products will be added to the fund. With the fund, we will be able to work with charity organizations throughout the world to protect the environment, animals, and people in need.

Up to now, Spooky2 Global Aid Foundation has already donated $4600 to the following four international charity organizations: WeForest, The Sound of Animals, Develop Africa, and Puerta Abierta IAP.

In China, we have also established the “One Dollar One Hope” program to help the children in need in Jiangsu Province.

Click here to learn more about Spooky2 Global Aid Foundation:

Would you like to join us?

In the future, Spooky2 Global Aid Foundation will continue to work with charity organizations throughout the world in various fields, including animal rescue, environmental protection, healthcare, education, etc.

If there are non-profit organizations in your community that need help, don’t hesitate to send us a message via this page. We will organize donations to them after proper investigation. We hope more individuals and organizations can join us together to promote the spirit of giving and sharing the love around. With your support, we can make the world a better place.

Keep up with our work on Facebook

We will continue our mission to help more people. Follow our Facebook page to receive more news and updates on our work:

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