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Spooky2 Software 20210831 Released Leave a comment

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An exciting new version of Spooky is now available for download.

The DNA database and presets will continue to be updated whenever new genome sequences are released. They can be downloaded from problemclinic.co.nz. Please check regularly to ensure you have the best information to fight conditions.

Changes since the last formal release of Spooky:

New: Option to force Tissue Factor on or off for individual frequencies.
New: Frequency factors can be defined in preset files.


If no factor is specified, the global values are used.

New: Chemical formulae can now be used as database entries. Each formula is converted into a monoisotopic mass value, which Spooky converts to a frequency on-the-fly.

New: Option to give a beep when the program steps to the next frequency

New: Support for MicroGen; our new portable generator.

New: Out2 Factor and Constant now accepts BL, BC, L and M frequency definitions.

Updated: ChainEditor to version 2.6.1380.1. (Thanks to Bryan Yamamoto).
Updated: Spooky User’s Guide to version 20210504 (Thanks to Bryan Yamamoto)

Improved: Spooky Pulse biofeedbacks now use the legacy (circa 2017) calculation method to derive frequency hits.
Improved: Reverse Lookup processing speed.
Improved: Molecular Weight database now exclusively uses the monoisotopic mass values of compounds.
Improved: Scheduling and pause routines.

Updated: Main database to version 20210720. The database now includes Russian frequency sets. Requires Spooky 20210719 or later to access.

Fixed: Run time estimation when Out 2 runs every second frequency.
Fixed: Crashing when running program display is empty.
Fixed: Out1 waveform creation when generator shadows another.
Fixed: Generator identification display.
Fixed: Biofeedback detection of signal minimums.

These people helped with this release:

Bob Wolcott
Brad Rothman
Branko Babić
Bryan Yamamoto
Ed Von
Greg Lowe
Jeff Kaczor
John Robert Grayson
Michael Schulz

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