Spooky2 Software: What Do the Icons Indicate? 1

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When you open Spooky2 software, you need to select the correct generator in the “Control” tab. You may notice the different colours of the generator icons while running programs. What do the colours mean? The picture below shows the colours and their corresponding meaning. This blog will explain the advanced technical terms.

Shadowing Another Master Generator

Shadowing means this generator is following another generator’s lead in emitting frequencies. If you want to double the frequency on another generator, you can use shadowing to send two frequencies at once that are harmonically related. Or when you need to send the same frequency but use different waveforms simultaneously, shadowing can generate a different spread of harmonics.

Shadowing also allows other complex transformations of the primary frequency on the generator. For instance, the primary generator sends out primary frequencies via remote, and then the second, shadowing generator transforms the frequencies into a harmonic on a PEMF coil.


While you try to kill pathogens with frequencies, they may activate their defensive mechanics and become hard to kill. In this case, their resonant frequency may change slightly, and they can evade the assigned, fixed frequencies. Therefore, you need a frequency range to eliminate them. Frequency wobble can extend the frequencies to a range of frequencies that can eradicate these sly pathogens. Amplitude wobble changes the intensity of resonance, which causes more trouble for the pathogens and makes them impossible to adapt to the frequencies.

Both forms of wobble are designed to deal with pathogens that are hard to kill. You can activate wobble on the “Setting” tab. Enabling wobble at the end stage of treatment can help remove stubborn pathogens. For example, after four days of flu frequencies, you feel much better, and then you can enable wobble to kill off the rest of the viruses. Generally, you only need to choose one wobble at a time, and we do not recommend use wobble with Plasma.

Stop Loop

Spooky2 runs in cycles. In other words, when all frequencies have been finished, the program will go back to the very first frequency. If you only wish to run one cycle, you can press the small button on the right of the “Stop” button on the “Control” tab to activate the stop loop.

Virtual Generator

The button is marked with “VG” instead of numbers like other generators. It is a “fake” generator because it does not connect to a Spooky2 generator and thus cannot transfer frequencies. It is used as an experimental tool, which you can try running programs or shadowing to learn about the controls. You can try the VG to see the various icon colours right now.

Hopefully, this blog can help you understand the colours of the generator icons. Next time you see the colour of the icon, you will know the working status of the generator.

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