Big Scalar surprise! No more toenail fungus!

I’ve been using the Scalar for a year now and it’s improving my energy and strength due to 33 years of Fibromyalgia. But I recently noticed another improvement that I’d not paid attention to before. The toenail fungus I’d tried fighting (and finally given up on) for about 7 years was GONE! I never imagined the Scalar field would do that so I never even checked my toenail (I wear nail polish most of the time). I think I originally got it from swimming so much but while using the Scalar, I still swim 3 times a week, which normally feeds fungus growth. Pretty amazing since nothing I previously tried helped it at all! I love my Scalar.

Interestingly, my sister, who doesn’t believe in any non-traditional treatments, actually let me try it on her and now she asks for it regularly! We both used to get bronchitis and sometimes pneumonia each year but this past year with the Scalar, no bronchitis! She has COPD so lung illnesses are really important for her to avoid.

Thank you so much Spooky2!