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my journey with spooky2 xm generator

I first brought it to try to help my wife with some of her conditions rheumatoid arthritis and samter’s triad . She was very reluctant to try any thing incase she had a reaction to it

I knew she could take bells mucus cough containing guaifenesin 100mg per 5ml. She was wearing hearing aids and they had just been changed to a new more powerful set that I could hear before she put them on. I looked at the spooky2 software I saw a program for eustachian tubes with the use of cold laser which I tried twice with cold laser made only a minor difference. so I tried it with a set of hang cylinders in contract mode as soon as I finished a 30 mins with spooky 2 my wife said to me have you turned the tv volume up as she could hear the tv as being so loud. Because when she was holding the hand cylinders she was fast asleep. I told her no it was then she realized she did not have hear hearing aid in. that alone was worth the purchase of the spooky 2.

Then I thought to use it for myself for ms. There are a number of products that have helped me but may also help others and I wish to share with anyone please pass the info on.

I first looked at pain killers the first I looked at was glucosamine sulphate I have been taking it since 1990 i went for a dose of 1500mg once a day i found it had a mild diuretic effect also you tend to get more energy probly because it is a sugar Devils claw 600mg this decrease information and swelling Ginger cold pressed 5ml from root ginger this helped my knee pain because it containts cox 1 and cox2 receptors one in the morning and 5ml in the evening Lecithin 1200mg now this contains phosphatidyl choline, which comprises a major portion of our brain and nervous system also essential fatty acids and insitol and natural vite appox 1000iu now this is a way of getting cheap vit e but vit e is the compound that I believe send the right nuntrants to were the body needs it Cold pressed rapeseed oil also 5ml in the morning and 5 ml in evening this was to soften my leg muscles.

I also use my spooky2 on remote to treat ms which I leave on all the time this does help I also go to acupuncture once every two weeks
My problem include balance which I resided was that when walking the road it felt spongy i also have short term memory problems the sponginess is help with acupuncture the stiffness is helped by a combination of cold pressed rapeseed oil and lecithin my muscles were constantly stiff now they have reduced in size at first my trousers legs where tight now they loose again also my muscles are now soft I also use one magnets to control tingling in arms and legs if I do not use one magnet on my arm my toes go a blue/black colour.

My first thought was to buy some magnets I put them all together hung on some string and let them swing to see the side that pointed north I knew my room orientation I then marked them-ve south facing this is the side that goes next to my skin .i then placed some on top and bottom of my legs on the vain in middle of leg in front my vain was very sore to thought they were held on with surgel tape after a week or so my vains where not sore anymore. after some more research, I found out which points can give me more energy so I placed magnets there.

Looking on the web I started to looked at structured water I brought a vortex unit off ebay with magnets I now use this for drinking it only takes me a few minutes in the morgin to make my structured water the reason for this that magnets help but if I use structured water it could replace water in my body with structured water and I could get better connection with my nerves all I can say is that something is happening. Now it looks like it is a combination of the things I am taking is having a positive effect.

When I first took the lion mane extract i took 1g every morning put in boiling water let it cool the swallowed it around my mouth so it be absorbed by my tongue and gums my reason for this was I believed this was the best way to take it because via the tongue and gums it should get into your bloodstream in about 0.7 sec while by your stomach it be attacked by acids and alot will not be able to get as much into bloodstream.

I noticed after acupuncture the floor felt more solid but it last till morning so one day I asked my accupuntris can I use magnets to make the effect last longer she showed me where the points are also she said put one on my belly button.

I got a magnetic belt for around the bottom of my stomach and my back which I did what I then found was with the magetic belt on, the floor felt better and when. Even when I had taken off the belts I could get a few hours with the floor feeling solid. I then put a magnetic belt on to my back to increase my energy levels what I noticed was I was able to get off the floor without the use of a chair or stick.

I then got my willow bracket extract I now take 1g at night after 5 days what I noticed was that my body has more pain in shoulders some back as well. This was how it was to have occured appox 5yrs ago.

Stopped spooky2 ginger and cold press rapeseed oil for four days to see what differences it made I found i had more knee pain my hands where shaking i restarted my spooky2 ginger and cold pressed rapeseed oil my hands stopped shaking and knee pain gone so i assuming the shaking was part rife and cold pressed rape seed oil.

Put rife on to detox for four days even with magnets on stomach ,belly button and back my balance was not as good also fatigue increased it felt harder to do thing. I started 75mg dispersible aspirin 1 twice a day I hopping may be of use to reduce fatigue,
Then was started day 3 of detox, but during it, I felt not quite right as soon I put spooky2 back to treat ms everything improved so to me it is a great worth well a piece of kit.