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So Surprised to See the Spooky2 Remote Treatment

When we started with Spooky2 Remote we had a group of 10 people that we had to meet for 4 weeks. Our activity was to have each person try out a personalized meeting each week and try several different technologies. People were then treated the week for 5 days with spooky remote. After the first few days of Spooky Remote work, somebody called us to tell us that the work was very intense in their body and that we had to drop the working hours at a distance. So we found at the moment the level of intoxication of people who ended up with detox reactions. For the weeks that followed we adjusted our treatment hours. This allowed us to see the power of remote work that spooky was doing. At the end of the 4 weeks, people were very happy and amazed at the changes and the improvement of their physical condition. He thanked us and was surprised to see this new discovery of distance treatment.