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The Human Energy Scale and the Power of Meditation Leave a comment

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David Hawkins, a renowned psychiatrist and spiritual teacher, introduced a unique concept known as the “Human Energy Scale” in his influential book, “Power vs. Force.” This Scale, also referred to as the “Hawkins Energy Scale,” offers a fascinating perspective on human consciousness, ranging from the lowest levels of negativity to the highest realms of positivity and spiritual awakening. In this article, we will delve into the significance of this scale and discuss a simple practice that can help individuals elevate their energy.

Understanding Hawkins Energy Scale

Hawkins Energy Scale categorizes human consciousness into distinct levels, ranging from the lowest at 20 (Shame) to the highest at 1000 (Enlightenment). Each level represents a different state of being and is characterized by unique emotions, attitudes, and behaviors. It is a framework for personal and spiritual growth. Here is a picture showing all 17 levels.

The significance of the Hawkins Energy Scale lies in its potential to impact not just individuals but entire communities and societies. When raising their energy level, people experience personal transformation and radiate positive energy, which can influence those around them. This ripple effect can gradually offset the negative energy of many people and lead to collective growth.

To put this into perspective, consider these figures: an individual with an energy level of 300 can influence the equivalent of 90,000 individuals with energy levels below 200. Such individuals possess an extraordinary ability to spiritually connect with and impact a vast number of people positively. But the equivalence does not end there, and the effects grow exponentially. An individual with an energy level of 400, 500, 600 is equivalent to 400k, 750k, and 10 million people respectively if the energy level of these people is below 200. Those with energy levels of 700 and beyond can influence a staggering 70 million people, but only a select few can attain this extraordinary level. Even more remarkable are the rare few who reach an energy level of 1000. Their positive energy can dissolve the negative energy of all humanity, blessing every being on Earth, including animals!

The Power of Meditation

How can we boost energy and move up the Scale? One effective way is meditation. Through meditation, we can center ourselves, nurture our positive energy, and radiate it outward to those around us. By maintaining an elevated energy field, we can inspire, uplift, and support others on their spiritual journeys.

Moreover, meditation allows us to channel our energy and intentions for the well-being of all beings on Earth via collective consciousness. Our collective energy can spread positivity and resonate across the globe. If we have 7,000 people meditate on one thing together, we may change the course of the future, even ending wars and hatred. By meditating on the good, we can send waves of hope, love, and compassion into a world that sorely needs it.

We have the potential to be the catalysts for profound transformation. By raising our energy, meditating on the good, and praying for the world, we can build a more compassionate and harmonious global community together. It is a small act with a massive impact—one that can illuminate the path towards a brighter, more connected future for all.

So, will you join us in meditation?

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