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Spooky2 Rife: A Natural Remedy for Insomnia 2

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After a tiring day, get a good night’s sleep to rejuvenate. However, not all people can enjoy it. Is it difficult for you to fall asleep? Do you often wake up during sleep time? Do you still feel restless or low energy in the daytime?

If you suffered from/are suffering from insomnia, then you are no stranger to the above conditions. Insomnia is a common sleep disorder, with approximately one-third of the world’s population reporting their insomnia symptoms.


Common causes of insomnia may include:
Stress: Some life events, like the death of relatives, divorce, unemployment, etc.
Irregular sleep schedule or poor sleeping habits
Uneasy surroundings: things around you like noise, light, or even temperature.
Physical pain or discomfort: some chronic pain conditions, such as arthritis or back pain.
Mental health problems: some psychological issues can also cause trouble falling asleep, such as depression or anxiety.
Other sleep disorders: The most typical is sleep apnea.
Medications: Some medications have side effects on sleep quality, like cold medications.

How to Use Spooky2 Rife Frequencies to Eliminate Insomnia

Rife frequency healing is an alternative solution free of any side effects. It will be a good choice if you intend to eliminate insomnia naturally. Spooky2 offers several transmission modes for improving your sleep quality, and you can choose the one that suits your situation the most.

Here, we want to introduce some popular presets/programs for insomnia.

1. Some Specific Insomnia Presets/Programs

The first method is that search the keyword “insomnia” on the Presets tab to find some related presets. Check its Note area and click one preset that corresponds to your accessories. Go to the Control tab, tick “Overwrite Generator”, choose your generator port, and click the “start” button to start.

The second method to find specific programs, you should first select one correct Shell Preset. For insomnia, Healing Shell (Empty) Preset will be a good choice. And then go to the Programs tab, search the keywords “insomnia” to find related programs, and double-click the program(s) you want.

2. Some Other Popular Presets/Programs Recommended


Daily Wellness – BY
Sleep and Insomnia – DB
Sleep Induction – DB


Sleep Induction

Spooky2 New Release – Spooky2 Sleep Shades Blue Light Blocking Glasses

Spooky2 is bringing a newly developed healing eyewear – Spooky2 Sleep Shades Blue Light Blocking Glasses.

What’s new in Spooky2 Sleep Shades?

Spooky2 Sleep Shades allows you to combine the application of Spooky2 Rife frequencies with its designed 435cutTM blue light blocking technology to reduce your blue light exposure. Meanwhile, it will enable beneficial blue light to pass through, and a sufficient amount of blue light is a prerequisite for good sleep. Therefore, besides providing adequate protection for your eyes, this Spooky2 Sleep Shades improves your sleep quality and help you naturally maintain a healthy circadian rhythm.

To get the most out of your Sleep Shades, you can wear them while receiving healing Rife frequencies from your Spooky2 generator. The following is a list of programs and presets in your Spooky2 software. We suggest running these to boost your body energy and improve your health.

How to use Spooky2 Sleep Shades?

Wear Spooky2 Sleep Shades one or two hours before going to bed, and then take it off before bed.

More interesting videos about it:

A simple introduction to Spooky2 Sleep Shades: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qbZCGdJQ84o
How effective are Spooky2 Sleep Shades: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tI8e5yOnFMY

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