The Schumann Resonator will balance the body and attempt the improve the quality of health at a baseline level. There is much research to suggest that it provides the following benefits:

De-Rouleaux Blood
Stronger bones
Optimal level of endorphins and pain relief
Better sleep and HGH ( human growth hormone) secretion
More energy ATP
Better oxygenation and circulation
Improved immunity
Relaxation & stress reduction
Nerve and tissue regeneration

The body normally would get this from the natural frequency sources from the Earth itself. However, with today's modern technology, we have many other sources of frequencies that drown out these guiding frequencies. So the goal of the resonator is to supplement and re-enforce the natural sources.

Without either a natural or supplemental source for these frequencies, the body gets off kilter fast and deteriorates in health. This is shown both from isolated underground studies, and reports of those who went into space before they realized they needed to recreate the Schumann up there.

The Schumann Resonator preset is also designed for remote application, which is different that most Schumann resonator devices that use an active electro-magnetic field to propagate the frequencies. However, 3rd party testing showed that the effects were as good as the best active EM generating resonators they had tested in the past. Now you can have the Schumann on the go without having to plug something in.

It is probably important to highlight that the Schumann frequency of 7.83 Hz is the calculated mathematical ideal frequency, but in reality it bounces around 7.83 Hz being generated by lightning strikes all over the globe ringing the atmosphere like a bell. So the real frequency is never static, but if you take measurements and average it out, it usually come out on or very close to 7.83 Hz for the primary frequency.

I have the Schumann running 24/7 usually on myself and my family. I have been very pleased with the results.


Authored by Jeff Kaczor