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How to Add New Generators to the Running Software Leave a comment

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You may need to add new generators to the running software in some cases. For example, if your present generator is running the 6th preset of the Terrain Protocol, how do you add a new generator to your software and won’t lose the running program?

Step 1 Write down the Step and Preset number of the running programs, then close the software.

Step 2 Connect the new generator to your computer. And turn on them.

Step 3 Launch Spooky2 software. Spooky2 will now find all your generators automatically.

Step 4 Choose Terrain (R) – BY preset, then go to control tab, tick allow generator overwrites, open a generator button. Now you can enter the Step number and Preset number in the place of the above picture. Then click the Control tab, the corresponding preset will show up. You can click Start button to resume the interrupted Terrain Protocol.

Step 5 Choose new programs for the newly added generator.

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