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How to Use Spooky2 Central to Help with Kidney Disease 4

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Glomerular Filtration Rate (GFR) is a useful indicator of how well your kidneys filter. The kidneys are one of the most important organs in the human body, with the function of purifying toxins in the blood and converting waste into urine. A GFR of 60 or higher is within the normal range, which means your kidneys are functioning well. However, a GFR below 60 can be a sign of kidney condition, while a GFR of 15 or lower can mean kidney failure.

A few days ago, one Spooky2 user posted her aunt’s success story in treating kidney condition. We cannot wait to share this good news with all of our Spooky2 friends! We hope her story can inspire you as well!

At first, this Spooky2 user’s aunt had a terrible kidney condition with a GFR level of 23. She felt extremely exhausted and ready to decline her doctor’s advice – dialysis. After running Spooky2 Plasma on her seven times, she is a new woman with lots of energy!

What is Kidney condition?

You are born with two kidneys, shaped like two beans. They are on either side of your spine, just above your waist. Kidney condition means your kidneys are damaged and cannot filter blood the way they should. Wastes and fluids that are supposed to be excreted keep building up in the body. That can cause swelling, fatigue, weakness, nausea, poor sleep, and shortness of breath. Without any intervention, the damage gets worse and your kidneys eventually stop working, which might be life-threatening.

Main Types of Kidney condition

Chronic Kidney condition

It happens when your kidneys have sustained damage. They are gradually losing their ability to filter waste and fluid out of your blood. This damage can get worse over time, and when your kidneys completely stop working, that is called kidney failure or end-stage renal condition.

Fabry condition

Fabry condition is a rare genetic condition. It can affect organs around your body, including your heart, brain, and kidney, by converting less blood than they need. Finally, this can cause chronic kidney condition or kidney failure.


Glomerulonephritis means the tiny filters in your kidneys (glomeruli) are damaged and lose their ability to remove water and fluid from your blood. Over time, this will lead to kidney failure.

IgA Nephropathy

IgA Nephropathy happens when immune system proteins build up in your kidney and attack the tiny filters that clean your blood (glomeruli). IgA nephropathy can cause chronic kidney condition, kidney failure, or death.

Polycystic Kidney condition

Polycystic kidney condition is a genetic disorder that causes cysts to form in your kidneys and other organs. These cysts reduce your kidney’s ability to clean your blood. Over time, PKD can lead to kidney failure.

Certain types of kidney conditions can improve with some treatments. These treatments can relieve symptoms, prevent condition progression, and reduce complications. Your doctor will recommend appropriate treatment options based on the cause of your kidney condition.

How to Use Spooky2 Central to Help with Kidney condition

As mentioned in the above testimonial, this Spooky2 user with kidney condition improved by using Spooky2 Central. Let’s see the detailed procedures:

1. Kidney-related Presets

Select the appropriate preset under the Presets tab. All of these presets have been set well and you do not need to change anything. Select one and directly go to the Control tab to select a generator port to run it. We will take “Kidney Balance & Correction” as an example:

2. Kidney-related Programs

In this case, you need to choose one appropriate shell preset at first. Healing Shell (Empty) Preset will be a good choice. And then go to the Programs to find some kidney-related programs to run.

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  1. What specific frequencies did this person select for his aunt?

    1. Hi, it is a real feedback from our Spooky2 user, and he did not provide relevant information, maybe you can find him in our Spooky2Rife group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/spooky2

  2. Can this safely be used on someone who is on dialysis after having a kidney transplant a few years ago? Kidney came from dad would we use both their DNA or just the patient?

    1. Dear Anita, we do not recommend that someone who has had a kidney transplant use our product. Any questions, feel free to contact our email: [email protected]. Thanks for your support.

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