Vitamins and minerals are essential nutrients which are very important for our body to work properly. Most people can get enough nutrients through a healthy and balanced diet. Vitamins are very important compounds which can support normal body function. Our body itself can not produce vitamins in a quick way. In order to meet our daily needs, we need to take vitamins in our daily diets. Minerals are mostly considered essential to our body but they can not be produced by the body, they have to be obtained from supplements or foods. An adult requires at least 100mg macro-minerals per day and less than 15mg micro-minerals per day to support body needs.

Benefits of Vitamins and Minerals

Overall, vitamins and minerals are indivisible elements in our body and provide proper functions. Below are listed the important benefits that vitamins and minerals can bring to our health.

  • Vitamins are essential for skin and eye health.
  • Vitamins are able to enhance immune system.
  • Vitamins are able to protect against heart disease, aging and even caner.
  • Vitamins are essential for healthy cell division and replication.
  • Vitamins can regulate a proper blood pressure.
  • Minerals are essential for bone and teeth health.
  • Minerals are important for blood clotting and nerve function.
  • Minerals are needed for healthy nerves and muscles.
  • Minerals can also keep a proper water balance inside our body.
  • Minerals are essential building blocks in a healthy diet.
  • Certain minerals are responsible for healthy skin, hair and even heart health.
  • Energy production and a healthy immune system required certain amount of minerals.
  • Both vitamins and minerals are necessary for tissue, gums, bones growth and repair.

Spooky2 Vitamins and Minerals Databases

Since we introduced the Molecular Weight frequencies in August 2016, we have researched 9401 pharmaceutical drugs, compounds, essential oils and other elements. The data has been converted into Spooky2 Molecular Weight frequencies so they can be run on Spooky2, emulating the effect of certain substances.

Now we decide to go one step further, after a few months of efforts, we are pleased to announce that we are adding more and more frequencies of vitamins and minerals into our database, meanwhile related blogs about vitamins and minerals will be provided. You can check more molecular weight blogs here:

We hope, in this way, we can bring more possibilities and benefits to our beloved Spooky2 users.

If you have any requests about molecular weight that our database has not included yet, you are more than welcome to email us at

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