How to Use Very High Frequencies in Spooky2 Software 2

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The Spooky2–5M generator has a top limit of 5MHz for arbitrary waves, which is what Spooky2 creates. Using its Wave Cycle Multiplier technology, Spooky2 can transcend this hard limit radically. Here’s how to transmit up to 25MHz with minimal fall-off in power or waveform distortion:

You can use any waveform in the top red box for Out 1, or any waveform in the Custom Menus (bottom red box). Make your settings for Out 2.

Now enter 5 into your chosen waveform’s Wave Cycle Multiplier X field (a square wave here, highlighted blue).

This tells Spooky2 to create five sub-waves inside a single wave cycle. Since the hard limit for all XMs is 5MHz, a value of 5 will multiply this up to a ceiling of 25MHz.

Spooky2 will then upload the waveform to the generator and instruct it to run at 5MHz. But the output frequency will actually be what you specified, be transmitted at full power, and with perfect waveforms up to 25MHz.

Since you can now transmit any frequency up to 25MHz, it’s a good idea to transpose your low frequencies to more powerful higher values which are closer to the actual MOR (Mortal Oscillatory Rate) of the pathogen.

Just click the Programs tab and use Spooky2’s Frequency Multiplier feature. This is normally set to a default value of 1, but you can enter any value you wish.

However, you should examine the program you’re transmitting so you can determine the best multiplier to use. Aim to get your lowest frequency up into the MHz (millions of Hertz) range, or as close to 1MHz as possible.

Although you can actually go higher than 25MHz with this, note that towards the top end of your overdriven frequency range, power will attenuate as frequency increases, and the waveshapes will not be as accurately formed. But Spooky2 makes it possible to use your Spooky2–XM generator to output accurate and powerful frequencies far beyond its hardware design limits. Note that you wouldn’t use this technique for healing, only for killing.

Source: Page 63 of Spooky2_User’s_Guide_20170701

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    1. Hi Doris , when we do a short video on that later, we will let you know.

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