Reverse lookup means to look up a frequency, and report what it does in the database. Here is a file showing what Reverse Lookup is:

On the left hand column you will see numbers. These are the frequencies. On the right are the conditions that use this frequency in the database.

It is what Spooky does, but better, because he can also look up harmonics of the frequency and also has a tolerance setting. For example, you can find out what 20 Hz does, and also 5% either side of this frequency.

Hits found from a Biofeedback Scan using Spooky Pulse can be searched in the extensive Spooky2 database. Any function of the frequency is presented.

The margin of tolerance can be set, and harmonics of each frequency can also be detected.

No other system can do this as easily as Spooky2. Please check the video of Spooky Reverse Lookup: