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[SAMA Talks] Episode 164: Mindfulness – A Fresh Approach to Better Wellbeing Leave a comment

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Welcome to SAMA, a program in which we invite an expert each month to discuss a topic from their area of expertise. In this episode, we were delighted to have Christiana Serle to talk about mindfulness.

As a former college athlete and current triathlete, Christiana always believed fitness and nutrition were paramount to improving performance and overall health. Her perspective shifted completely when she attended a 10-day silent meditation retreat in 2014. Through that experience, she began to unlock the power of the mind and body connection and began applying mindfulness principles and techniques to areas in her life like eating, parenting, and friendships.

Christiana now helps high achievers find presence through 1-1 coaching and work with organizations (over 200 so far) to design wellness programs for their employees that center around mindfulness. Christiana’s intention is to improve health, productivity, and happiness of all of her teams. She has been recognized as one of the Top 10 Health Promotion Professionals by the Wellness Council of America and her clients have won many local and national awards for their employee wellness programs. During this interview, Christiana shared:

01:45 How did the 10 days retreat silent meditation impact on Christiana’s life and views?
04:44 What is mindfulness?
05:45 How will mindfulness helps people in day-to-day life activities? How can it benefit someone?
07:45 What is the difference between meditation and mindfulness?
09:50 What are some signs we can look for that might indicate we are suffering from stress?
17:00 Suggestions to people that have got problems during the meditation and are easily affected by surroundings.
20:00 Is there one posture and method to use during the meditation, or could we have several options?
22:45 During the sleep do the meditation or before asleep do the meditation, what’s the difference?
23:00 What clothing could we wear when doing mindfulness practice?
23:40 Are there any other needed complements to do the mindfulness?
27:10 Can mindfulness be part of receipt of happiness?
28:00 Can we have some examples of people who gained benefits from mindfulness?
31:00 Can everyone do mindfulness?
33:00 How long will it take for us to become mindful?
35:20 Can we do mindfulness with a group of friends/colleagues?
36:40 Are there any APPs you recommend people to use and any mindfulness books for beginners?

If you have any questions on this subject, please feel free to send us an email at [email protected].

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