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We have just uploaded Spooky2 01052016 and the updated User’s Guide to the usual place:


Changes for this month are:

New: added facility to export the names, durations in minutes, and Additional Notes of all sets in the database.

New: added three Presets, one containing the entire Terrain Protocol (see Appendix A, pages 217 and 218).

Improved: a generator will no longer run if it fails to initialise. In this case, the Error Report will state “Generator X failed to initialise.”

Improved: increased resolution for global Frequency Wobble – this can now be set as low as 0.0000001% (seven decimal places). However, because of field display hard limits, this will appear not to fit, but the entry is valid and accepted.

Improved: reduced F2=F1 frequency multiplier to a more realistic 100000Hz.

Fixed: corrected results display for manually entered frequencies in Reverse Lookup.

Fixed: various code fixes and optimisations.

Database: entries from A-S now have verbose Additional Notes, with additions and corrections.

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