Here are detailed instructions on Spooky2 contact mode with Spooky Hand Cylinders and Spooky Tens Pads.


Spooky Hand Cylinders

There are three different ways to connect Spooky Hand Cylinders depending on whether you use Spooky Boost 2.0 or not, and they’ re both very simple. First, connection via Spooky Boost 2.0:

A. Spooky Hand Cylinders with Spooky Boost 2.0

Connect the BNC-to-alligator clips cable that came with your generator to the Colloidal Silver output of Spooky Boost 2.0. Then connect each alligator clip to a cylinder as detailed below.

B. Spooky Hand Cylinders Direct Connect

Connect the BNC-to-alligator clips cable that came with your generator to Out 1 of the generator.

Then insert the alligator clips into the holes located at the plastic end of each Spooky Hand Cylinder.The image below right shows the correct orientation for your Spooky Hand Cylinders.

C. Without Boost 2.0 to Get Quadruple Power.

Connect both cables to Out 1 and Out 2. Now separate the red clips from the black ones - we won’t be connecting the black clips, so you can wrap each one in paper masking tape.

Now connect one red clip to a Spooky Tube electrode, and do the same for the other red clip - each red clip should be attached to an electrode. By connecting in this way, you’re about to enable a true bipolar signal, which give an additional fourfold increase in power.

Spooky Tens Pads

The connection of Spooky Tens Pads is the same as Spooky Hand Cylinders (except that the adapter cable is Tens Cable).

You can check the placement of Tens Pads from here:


1. Contact Mode needs higher amplitudes to achieve adequate body penetration (14–20 volts).

2. Make sure the alligators have direct contact with the steel part of the tube for good connection.

Contact Mode settings

There are JW-Killing ( Contact) and JW-Healing(Contact) presets in Spooky2 software.

They are applicable to both Hand Cylinders and Tens Pads.


Please check the Q&A of Contact Mode from here:


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