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Spooky2 20190805 Released 1

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We’ve just uploaded Spooky2 20190801 here: https://www.spooky2.com/downloadspage/

Updated: ChainEditor installer (changed from .msi to .exe) courtesy of Bryan Yamamoto.
Updated: Main and BP databases. All main database entries now have full descriptions. Erroneous and unknown entries have been removed. Total program count: 54,737 with 170,817 entries.
Updated: DH presets. Courtesy of David Halliday and Bryan Yamamoto.

DH changes
New: SD database. This holds the programs which were derived using Sample Digitizer. This database will grow over time; each compound takes 11 hours to fully analyze.

Fixed: Harmonic Wobbles.
Fixed: Frequency Wobble start points were not being correctly initialised.
Fixed: Issue when biofeedback data is moved to a directory of the same name as the file.
Fixed: Frequency wobble settings were affecting other generators.
Fixed: Interlock during preset chain transitions.
Fixed: Generator refresh rates after performing BFB scan on same generator.
Fixed: BFB repeats when loop count is set to zero.
Improved: Resolution of frequency wobbles.
Improved: Out 2 padding frequency when Out 1 has been set at a fixed frequency.
Improved: Biofeedback hit detection.

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One Comment

  1. Just tried to instal the latest upgrade of Spoky2 software and it repeatedly failed
    at the ‘saving previous software’ stage.

    Jeff Armitage

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