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A cataract forms when there is a natural clouding of the lens in the eye. This can happen when proteins in the lens clump together instead of staying evenly distributed. The lens is a transparent layer that focuses light and images onto the retina. If the lens is cloudy, it will cause difficulty for you to see things in clarity. In severe conditions, cataracts also interfere with your daily activities such as driving, reading, recognizing faces, or even complete blindness if not treated properly.

Cataracts are average among the elderly due to the natural misfunction of the ageing lens, which means we are at a higher risk of catching cataracts as we get old. According to statistics in the United States, the percentage of people affected by cataracts is up to 68% in the age of 80 and above.

So, what can you do to prevent or help yourself from cataracts? Let’s find out.

What are the symptoms of cataracts?

When cataracts are mild, you might not have any symptoms. However, they can cause changes in your vision as they increase in size:

  • Cloudy or blurry vision
  • Increasing difficulty to see things at night
  • Sensitive to light and glare
  • Seeing “halos” around lights
  • Double vision in a single eye
  • Colours look faded
  • Frequent changes in the prescription for your glasses

Once you notice that you have had one or more symptoms listed above, it is better that you find some time to visit your ophthalmologist. Please do not ignore them. Otherwise, they may interfere with your life badly as the symptoms become more complicated.

How to reduce cataracts?

Actually, lifestyle changes and reduction in sun exposure can protect your eyes and delay cataracts. For example, eat healthy foods, wear sunglasses and a hat, and quit smoking. If you are suffering from cataracts or want to reduce your risk of having them, there are some steps you can follow:

Healthcare at home

In the early stage, you may be able to make some small changes to your lifestyle to manage your cataracts.

  • Use brighter lights at home or work
  • Wear anti-glare sunglasses
  • Use magnifying lenses for reading and other activities

Lens replacement surgery is an effective and common treatment for cataracts. If a cataract starts to cause vision loss that interferes with daily activities, it can be surgically removed and implanted with an artificial lens, usually resulting in significant improvement of vision.

How to deal with cataracts with Spooky2

Lens replacement surgery is currently considered the only way to get rid of a cataract. However, it cannot completely improve or restore your vision. In addition, due to surgery’s high cost and painful recovery period, it is not always the first choice for most people.

Frequency therapy is an alternative treatment to help with cataracts. It does not have any side effects. If you intend to use a natural way to improve your vision problem with fewer costs, frequency therapy might be the right choice for you.

Spooky2 has the world’s largest frequency database which includes many beneficial frequencies. You can use these frequencies to help yourself, or your family members.

Here we listed some programs that have received positive feedback for reducing the number of cataracts and relieving symptoms. Give them a try and the results might surprise you.

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  1. doesn’t do shit for cataracts

    1. Hi, there is real feedback from another user, we hope it can help you. And if one frequency does not work on you, please try other frequencies and wait for some time with patience.

  2. I’m not sure where you get information on cataract surgery or recovery but it was a pleasant experience for me and took about 5 minutes per eye and was completely painless. The post op was simple, no eye patch, a day of rest, per eye, and able to drive the next day, use the antibiotic steroid drops. I wish I had the Spooky2 to try to delay it but the surgery wasn’t bad.

    1. Thank you for sharing, it provides a great reference for others!

    2. I agree. No recovery period needed.

  3. About 7 years ago (and before I got my Spooky generator) I had severe cataracts (I almost went blind). The surgery took about 30 minutes per each eye. I had to wear a patch for a day and had to have followup treatment to clear up one eye a few months later. I never did get all of my vision restored, but it was a great improvement.

    About six months after my surgery, both of my eyes began to bother me (i.e. scratchy/irritated feeling and red coloration in the whites of my eyes.) I had to use eye drops about 10 times a day for any kind of relief.

    After I got my generator, I ran some “eye” related frequencies off and on for four months and now and I seldom need to use eye drops and the redness is almost totally gone.

    I’m now going to use my Spooky generator to see if I can get some improvement with my vision because of the cataracts.

    D. Charone Monday
    1. Hi, sincerely hope Spooky2 can help you relieve your symptoms.

  4. We are going to try some frequencies on my dad. He’s cataracts in one eye. Thank you will look I to this.

    1. Hi, hope your dad can get better by using Spooky2, and looking forward to receiving feedbacks:)

      1. Thank you, yes i will keep you posted 🙂

  5. What type of hardware do we use? Plasma? Cold Laser? Tens Pads? At least provide us with a guideline. I’m getting tired trying to find which video to see.

    1. Hi, it depends on your choice. Just choose the right preset/shell preset that corresponded to your accessories. All accessories can be used to help with your cataracts. If you still have any doubts, please feel free to send them to [email protected], our support team will help you have a further check:)

  6. I can’t wait to start using my Spooky2 for my eyes, but just in case it helps someone here, fresh coconut water is meant to be amazing for cataracts, too – and it certainly cleared our dog’s eyes. Instantly.

    1. Hi, Charlotte. Really thanks for your kind sharing, and hope this blog can be helpful for you:)

  7. I would venture to say that maybe at less 75% of people now use cell phones to get their information
    . (Like now)
    Whatever happens to using “BLACK” for the print?
    Back in the day it was Black on White.
    Now it Gray on White.

  8. I am currently running “cataract/floater/glaucoma/diabetic retinopathy/eyesight to improve” on remote mode 24/7 plus detox maintenance. Two weeks now so far, he said his floaters are down by 70%, he can see clearer (by about 50%), sharper images and he’s not so afraid of light now. Guess his cataract is getting better.
    Thank you so much Spooky2.

    1. Hi, so glad to hear this from you, and also thanks for your rapid feedback. Hope he can completely recover soon:)

      1. Yes, Cellphone causes cataract, especially on that side of the ear you are using. Better to broadcast it through the microphone, and do not stick the mobile to your ear.

  9. Hi have sunspots on my eyes , any eye muscles have harden , what is the best treatment for these conditions

    1. Hi, Eric. Please feel free to contact our customer service at [email protected], they will give you much more professional advice and help you better:)

    2. There are programs that might help. Search under Optic. There is one called Optic Atrophies. Can’t say how effective they are.

  10. To try and eliminate a cataract with Central, do you use PEMF or ultrasound near or on the eye? Are there other Central ways to deal with a cataract? If so, where would they be placed on the body or eye area? Do you use heal or kill? Thank you.

    1. Hi, you can directly run plasma mode for your cataract. Choose plasma shell preset under Presets tab and then select cataract-related programs to run. Healing will be a good choice:)

  11. A big doubt. The frequencies posted on YouTube for diseases, have some effectiveness, as the sound is on the smartphone.

    Jorge Eriberto Lopes
    1. Hi, they are all pure frequencies extracted from rife frequency database and made in the form of audio. However, compared with machine treatment directy running frequencies on your body, audio frequencies will be less effective:)

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