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Spooky2 Rife: Successful Cases of Wound Healing 2

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Wounds are the most common minor ailments that are unavoidable for almost everyone. Accidental falls while walking, a collision after an intense football game, or even tripping over furniture while walking at home… These situations can cause varying degrees of wounds anywhere on your body.

How quickly a wound heals depends on the location and severity of the wound. Wound healing is a dynamic biological process in the human body that goes through four highly programmed stages: hemostasis, inflammation, proliferation, and remodeling. For a wound to heal successfully, all four stages must occur in the correct order and time frame.

What are the signs of good wound healing?

A scab is the most obvious sign that a wound is about to heal completely. As healing continues, you may notice itching in the area. After the scab falls off, the area may appear stretched, red, and shiny. However, over time, the newly formed area will not be very different from the surrounding skin.

How to Speed Up Wound Healing

1. Get more rest: getting more sleep can help wounds heal faster. Research shows that sleep restriction leads to higher levels of pro-inflammatory cytokines and delayed healing. So be sure to put down your phones and go to bed early.
2. Have a healthy diet: during the healing process, your body needs more calories, protein, vitamins and various other nutrients. Therefore, you can consume healthy foods and nutritional supplements to promote wound healing.
3. Don’t stop exercising: of course, you may need to cut back on strenuous activities depending on your wounds. You can reduce your exercise to walking, but try not to stop. The increased blood flow from exercise is said to speed up the healing process.

Some Serious Wound Cases From Spooky2 Users:

Case 1:

“One of my patients has diabetes and had a wound on his leg which was not healed for 3 years. I put him on spooky2 for the last 2 weeks. And this is the result. This machine always leaves you with a surprise, which is not short of a miracle.”

The programs he has chosen to run on the Healing Shell Preset:

Wound Healing (CAFL)
Wound Healing (XTRA)
Cannabidiol (MW)
Marijuana (XTRA)
Essential Oil – Frankincense (XTRA)
Essential Oil – Humility (XTRA)

For more details: https://www.facebook.com/groups/spooky2/posts/781282775366961/

Case 2:

“Few days ago I get blister between my toes. (Something like this pic 1). Awful deep, open wound. Hole like, bloody red looking, to deep skin level. Long day walking barefoot in sandals, unfortunately rubbing/damage this wound by sandals more (I have high pain tolerance, and just ignored it lol), really bad wound. Dirt/sand inside etc. After cleaning it, hard to heal it, Becouse of placement (with every move wound was opening). After 2 days of unsuccessful attempts to heal this (all time wound gets wet, clear fluid and little blood, Becouse I was force walking). I tried plasters, but it get worse – no air circulation. I tried keep it open, bare foot – but get dirt inside lol. I tried gauze compress soaked in colloidal silver and gentle put it between toes, but not hold tight (air circulation, and protection from dirt)… Everything was working when I don’t move/walk. With walking no matter what, wound get watery and horrible painful again.
I said enough. My 3y old Son birthday party next day, lot of walking, that I can’t avoid… I need to heal this lol.
I set up spooky2 on contact. Place tens pads on top and bottom of my foot, closest to toes area. I pick up healing JW empty shell, load there all wound healing, scar healing programmes I could find, and run grade scan to pick up top 4 frequencies. I save them for 360 sec (6 mins) for each frequency. And run them continuously as long I could (it was somewhere around 1h on contact, and later kids get crazy and I need disconnect myself). After that time… Oh god, I was amazed. And I take photo (pic 2). I had this gauze between toes all time, wound get instantly dried up, stick up to this gauze lol. That’s why fluffy/hairy things on photo. They come from gauze. (Before healing on spooky2, it was watery as on (pic 3). Edges get smooth with skin (no hole effect, some dead, dried edges visible).
Later birthday party. Lot of walking. Wound get watery again (pic 3). So I repeat spooky2 In contact mode (same saved program, no new scanning) for somewhere around 1,5h. And healed again (pic 4). Amazing.😍❤️ Edges smooth with healthy skin level, no sharp/dried edges, no watery. Looks good. No red, it’s photo, real look brown or natural. But for sure no red as on photo.
Now I’m wearing plaster on it for protection. Wound Not opening when walking, no pain when walking 😍❤️ hopefully I will not damage it again 😂
… If… I know what to do.
Guys I highly recommend. Do not waste your time to blindly run all frequencies from program/preset… Scan them for yourself (grade scan, or just press scan button in any shell you are in), pick up strongest ones, save them, when you have time… Do optimise scan on them – on this ones you saved already (it’s next scan, time taking scan again)… To adjust them more for your condition… And run them 😍😍❤️❤️ I love spooky2 and this community. You guys are awesome ❤️😍”

The programs she has chosen to run on the Healing Shell Preset:

Run Grade Scan on all the Wound Healing Programs and Scar Healing Programs

For more details: https://www.facebook.com/groups/spooky2/posts/1637744333054130/

If you have more success stories, please share them with us!

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  1. Rife will speed healing, but you need all the help you can get! Promote skin growth and reduce or eliminate scar tissue formation by keeping the wound moist. Vaseline, Neosporine or whatever. Using my Spooky2 Scalar set has started to heal large scars on my leg from wounds 65 years ago! They’re 20% as wide as they were! I’m age 74, so anything getting better is notable!

    1. Hi, thanks for your sharing, and any updates will be welcomed:)💖

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