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Spooky2 Software 20230525 Released 10

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The new Spooky2 version is now ready for download!

As the most powerful and flexible Rife software available today, Spooky2 is being continually refined for the betterment of humans. Now, Spooky2 has made some significant improvements to enhance the overall user experience and improve the efficiency and effectiveness of Spooky2 software.

The new version of Spooky2 software has made the following changes:

Fixed: GX offline mode frequency accuracy.
Fixed: Font resizing issue when resizing window.

From January to April 2023, Spooky2 software also made the following changes:

Fixed: Sync bug.
Fixed: Automatic preset upgrade utility.
Fixed: Dwell Multiplier erroneously setting to 0.0001.
Fixed: Non-retentive overflow for large BFB data files.
Fixed: Bug locking up Spooky software when Show Port Number is selected and a frequency wobble has been set up on a generator.

New: Frequency Constant option in Programs tab.
New: Harmonic choice when performing BFB Reverse Lookup.

Improved: Reduced load times of multiple-selection of programs when using the “+” button.

Updated: Databases and presets.

These people contributed their time to help make this release of Spooky2 20230525:

Mike MacMurray
Walt Dod
John Grayson

We would like to express our heartfelt gratitude to all the people who have generously contributed to the growth of Spooky2.

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  1. Excellent, will update today! thank you for all you do <3

    1. Dear Belinda, thanks for your support and love! Our progress is inseparable from everyone’s support. Have a beautiful day. 🙂

  2. Gracias por su valiosa ayuda.

    Roberto Cerón
    1. Querido Roberto, ¡me alegra mucho ver que nuestro trabajo te resulta útil! Gracias por tu apoyo y cariño. Esperamos su atención continua.

  3. Hi Spooky support teams,
    Thank you for all your hard work🙏
    Will the updated version replaced or erased my current saved data? Thanks

    1. Dear Monica, thanks for your support and love! When you download and install a new version of the software, you will be prompted to remind you whether to save the previous data, just follow what you need to do. Any questions, feel free to contact our email: [email protected].

  4. Hi guys,
    After I updated to Spooky2 20230525 version (the latest) I can no longer find the program “Detox Maintenance (R) – JK”. It used to be in Presets\Detox\Remote\Detox Maintenance (R)-JK. Please help, Thank you, Nicolae

    1. Dear Nicolae, so sorry to make you have a bad experience. You can download the 20230530 version here: https://www.cancerclinic.co.nz/downloads.html. This preset is available in this version. We are constantly improving, thank you for your understanding and support. :)

  5. Kiedy będzie język Polski w programie. Bardzo utrudnia mi obsługę tego urzadzenia.Pewnie innym urzytkownikom w Polsce również.

    1. Drogi przyjacielu, bardzo nam przykro, że masz złe doświadczenia. i dzięki za radę, będziemy się doskonalić. Wszelkie pytania prosimy kierować na nasz adres e-mail:. Tutaj zapewnimy kogoś, kto pomoże ci krok po kroku.

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