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Spooky2 Testimonial: Calming the Mind and Easing Pain with Schumann Resonance Leave a comment

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Recently, Kath, a loyal user of Spooky2, shared her inspiring story with us. She recounted how she used Spooky2 Remote to apply Schumann Resonance and helped her and her husband find inner peace, easing anxiety and pain. Throughout her narrative, Kath detailed the step-by-step process of using Spooky2 and recorded the daily changes in their physical and mental well-being after each session of Schumann Resonance. Now, let’s delve into her remarkable journey together.

Background of Kath

Kath has struggled with anxiety for a long time. After hearing about the effectiveness of the Schumann Resonance in reducing anxiety, she decided to try Spooky2 to see how it would help her.

How Kath Uses Spooky2

Hardware part:
Spooky2 GeneratorX Pro
Spooky2 Remote v2.0 (containing her sticker with fingernails in it)
Spooky2 Boost v3.1

Software part:
1.Turn on the Spooky2 software and go to the Preset tab
2.Choose Empty Shell Presets (set for Remote)
3.Select Healing

4. Go to the Programs tab
5. Type the word “Schumann” into the Search
6. Choose the Schumann Resonance for 10 minutes (double clicked on it to put it into the shell)

7. Go to the Control tab
8. Overwrite the Generator and select the port number
9. Hit the Start button

Kath’s Positive Results with Schumann Resonance

I will share what I felt after running Schumann Resonance. I suspect part of it will sound pretty weird, so be prepared.

After clicking “Start” on our GX Pro, I sat on the sofa about 13 feet away. Within about 10 minutes, I could definitely feel that I began to sense a positive impact. Before sitting down, I had been feeling quite annoyed about something. Now. Here is the intriguing thing!!! I could NOT get in touch with the angry feeling!!! I knew what I’d been annoyed about. But I absolutely could not get into thinking about it!! It was as if I could not grab it even if I tried!! As I said, I have a lot of anxiety and worries. Now, I cannot get into any of those feelings/thoughts! My Gosh!!!

Schumann Resonance Relieved Her Husband’s Pain

My husband has also been having a lot of pain almost daily. After hearing about my positive experience just 10 minutes into the session, he also put his sticker with fingernails into the Remote.

What I’d read about the Schumann frequency led me to believe that exposure to it could indirectly affect dopamine, which could affect individuals’ pain experiences. I was hoping this might help him with his pain. At this point, he says that his pain is somewhat less (in this case, it is a big deal). I asked him if it was just that he didn’t care about the pain, and he said no – there’s actually less pain.

That’s Kath’s pretty exciting experiment with Schumann Resonance in remote mode. She is continually updating her experience using Schumann Resonance. You can read this post for more information.

In summary, Schumann Resonance has enormous benefits for improving people’s physical and mental well-being. Many of our clients have had positive effects. If you are interested, try Spooky2 GX Pro Remote Kit to unlock more benefits of Schumann Resonance. Also, welcome to join our Facebook to see how others use Spooky2 for improved health.

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