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Back pain relief

I have had two incidents where my back was injured. First I had vertebrae 4&5 compressed in a motorcycle accident 35 years ago. Second , an accident at work nine years ago caused a bulging disc in the same area. It took me two years of trying different settings , but I finally found the combo on the Spooky2 and I am pain free since. The only catch is that I must run it non stop or the pain gradually returns.
I use the same settings plus a few extras on a second Spooky2 for a coworker who has spinal stenosis with great results for him as well.
The Spooky2 rife is the ONLY device I have ever found that relieves my back pain, and my coworker swears by it. We both can tell within hours if the power goes out at my house, and my battery backup runs out.
Thank you Spooky2 , John White , and all that have contributed!