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Spooky2 Scalar Erases and Removes the Noxious Effects of EMR

These results are from using Spooky2 Scalar system without any modulation.

Spooky Scalar erases and removes the noxious effects of EMR ( electrosmog).

2 patients aged the middle 50’s, both women, were treated independently for the pathogenic effects of exposure to EMR. The time needed for the return of regular homeostasis values varied from 30 minutes to 2 hours, depending upon the severity of the exposure, coupled and the vitality level of the patient.

The patients sit in a wooden chair in the center of an 8-foot distance between sending and receiving units of the Scalar device, all metal and jewelry removed.

Both patients felt improved immediately at the end of each session and the length of time was controlled by the patient’s own responses, as they could sense the improvement and communicate it to me. They both could tell when they had fully corrected their state of dysfunction. No reports of sinking back into the previous low energy symptoms that compose the electrosensitive syndrome descriptions. The treatment held stable once the improvement threshold was reached and complaints only returned when the patients were re-exposed to another episode of electrosmog exposure sufficient to upset their stable level of homeostasis. Spooky Scalar provides a way of normalizing and removing the symptoms associated with electrosmog radiation syndrome, and the time needed for treatment remediation can be sensed by the affected patient. Rather than weeks of dysfunction, Spooky2 Scalar can repair the voltage-sensitive calcium gates that are opened from EMR and can do it in a short time period.

Thank you, Spooky2 team!!!