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Hodgkin’s lymphoma comlete healing

Good mornning, i am Elia from Italy and i am 55 yers old. I had Hodgkin’s lymphoma in 2006 and treated with 9 mounths of chemio, after that i was in remission, but i had a lot of collateral effects. In 2014 the lymphoma came back. I had a lot of doubts about the treatment i supposed to do: chemio, radio, and eventualy if these are not good enought bone marrow transplantation. I started the chemio, but just after two days i take the courage to leave it. I started to drink veggetrable juice, take supplements, overcome stress with good long sleep, built myself a zapper of Hulda Clark, and soon discover the spooky 2. I bought a Generator X (even if my economic situation was bad) because i belive in the potential of healing of frequencies. From those days the generator X is always on and connected to my computer. I did detox programs in remote, scan and run contact program all nights and even during the days connected with ten pads and a very long cable (bnc) i can walk around in my house running contact mode. I started to read the spooky 2 forum, to see all the video on youtube chanel and apply your advices (you are wonderfull!) After 3 months i saw the doctors and take medical exams… the lymphoma was reduced so much that i have not chemo and radio. I think using frequecies will cure a lot of diseases or even all the desases, and in the future Generator X will be in any family. I trust a lot the spooky 2 products and in the future i wish to have the money to buy scalar, and spooky central (sadly i am not working from 2006 and i live with the money of my mother’s Social Security). Recently i bought a miramate Joint Aid to my mother and she starts to have good effects on his arthrits. Thank you for what you did and you will do to heal the people, giving us the precious products, and supports with forum and videos.. you really care about the people in prevention and healing. Thank you again.