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Shake and Bake

I’ve had Spooky2 for several years now. I’ve encountered so many problems, so much resistance, I might say, to getting things setup and running without any problems. I’ve bought two of the XM generators over the last year or two, have many of the accessories for doing remote treatments as well.

I say the above with a sad smile, for I have often wondered why I have had so many challenges to get things running without something happening that would either make me frustrated or something that would simply stop me dead in my tracks.

I have type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure and high cholesterol. So my struggle has been trying to control the symptoms that has come with the diabetes, most recently this past year has been nerve pain in my feet and legs. I had to go to a neurologist to get pain medication that I would take five pills a day just so I could sleep at night. I believe they call it neuropathy.

Several weeks back, after having everything left unplugged and just sitting idle for many, many months, I decided to give it a try again. I’d lost one of the power cords, so I could only hook up one of my XM generators. I had an older PC with Windows XP on it, so I downloaded and installed Spooky2 on it. I set it up to run some basic presets for minerals and vitamins. I kept coming home to find the computer had rebooted and Spooky had stopped running. Grrrrr.

I’m sharing all of this so that you can understand how much failure I experienced, for years. I had issues with the generator running different frequencies than what was in the program. With the generator not loading programs. Everything under the sun, it would seem.

So two weeks ago, my girlfriend said just bring it all upstairs and hook it up to her computer. Her PC is pretty new. She also has some severe challenges with Hashimoto’s Disease, thyroid related problems. I ordered a new power supply from the Spooky2 website, and got both of my XM generators hooked up and running.

This is where the great part of my story happens. I did a search on the Spooky2 website for Hashimoto’s Disease, and found an amazing story that was shared by a woman who basically cured herself and improved her thyroid functioning using her Spooky setup. I got so excited, so I asked and got some hair from my girlfriend, did a search in the database for thyroid related programs and specifically Hashimoto’s Disease and I started to run them for her. The changes were almost immediate!!!! As one part of the symptoms, she would have terrible itching that would welt up when scratched. It would wake her at night, and was almost impossible to treat in any reasonable way to stop the itching. The first night, no itching! Yes!!! We have run the same frequencies now for over a week, and she has not had any symptoms at all. We are both astounded and so grateful. I am convinced we can cure her now.

The second part of my story relates to me and the diabetes. After getting my girlfriend setup and running, and seeing how well that worked, I did a search on diabetes programs, found several through muscle testing that felt right, and ran them. Now I had just been to two doctor’s appointments, my A1C had gone from moderately good to horrible. It was now at 8.7, where it was at 6.3. I was told my diabetes wasn’t being managed by my medication and they would have to do more blood work and possibly change my medication too. Well, that was before Spooky2 had something to say about it.

My first blood sugar test after running the programs I selected, was 115. The day before, it was 178. Wow. The second day? 95. Ninety-Five!!!!!! Excited? Yes!!
Almost in tears with gratitude, you bet!

I told me girlfriend about Generator X and what that could do for us and our family. I think it took her about 2 seconds before she told me to buy it, buy it now.

If you are going to invest in your health and well being, I can’t think of a better way to do so, than by buying a generator, downloading Spooky2, and RUN IT!


Tony Geron