Fungus in my garden just vanished! A miracle!

My neighbours tree was cut down few years back and the roots went under my garden. Where the roots grew beneath my lawn I would experience a weekly large line of toadstools that would grow on the surface of my lawn. Each week I would just go over them with the lawnmower when cutting the grass. This would happen in the summer months each year the same.

I decided as an experiment to test the Spooky2 when I purchased it to see if the remote programs would work on these toadstools that religiously grew on my lawn each week. I picked one of these toadstools from the patch one day and cut a slither from the stem, to put into a remote connected to my spooky generator. I decided to run a general fungus program from the spooky2 database and left this running overnight. I will be completely honest when I say that I expected nothing really to happen!

The next morning after leaving this kit running overnight, I went to inspect the lawn. I did this very casually as my hopes were not very high on this quantum remote technology, as it seemed a little bit in the fantasy realm for my way of thinking. To my surprise I could not believe what I was seeing. The toad stool patch was still there, but all the toadstools were wilting. They looked like someone had poured some sort of poison on them, they looked sick. I was so surprised, but also felt a sense of joy that something like this could have this effect and so quickly. So I decided to leave the spooky2 kit running and see what happened next.

Over a period of a couple of days the fungus completely died, I was astonished! This was not the only surprise I had in store for me. The fungus never returned again! 3 years down the line the fungus never came back. Now considering that it grew every week after I cut it, every summer for years, it was a miracle! In 2-3 days the spooky2 eradicated this fungus completely!

I went over this experiment in my head many times thinking of ways to possibly debunk it, however, I could not find, or think of any other coincidence. I have just recently moved house, however, I’m willing to bet that there is still no fungus in my garden! A story I will not forget, I’m sure of that. 😉