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The easiest way to understand Spooky2 and Rife is to see it as a futuristic multi-function gun that can shoot different types of bullets. Diseases are caused by things living in your body which shouldn’t be there, so you must kill them. Other conditions are caused by organs or body systems malfunctioning, so you must heal them, or bring them back into line.

Spooky2 can shoot two types of “bullets” – killing and healing. These bullets are called frequencies, and they’re very special and unusual because they’re made from invisible electromagnetic energy, not metal. Depending on the waveform that’s used to shape how the bullet behaves, each bullet can deliver multiple strikes to the targets in your body.

How does it find those targets? It doesn’t have to because everything in the universe – from a star to a virus – vibrates at its own unique natural frequency. You can’t use Rife to destroy a star, but you can use it for very small things like parasites and microbes. When you know the frequency for a germ, transmitting it into your body will cause that germ to vibrate. Here’s a bullet example:

From left to right, any waveform is simply a drawing of how energy’s power changes over time. This waveform is called a Damped Square. This is one single bullet, and each rise and fall delivers a hammer blow. If you’ve ever seen a jackhammer or pneumatic road drill being used to break up rocks and tarmac, this is exactly the same idea. With this waveform, every bullet delivers 24 built-in jackhammer blows, 12 positive and 12 negative, slowly diminishing in power.

This is one cycle of the waveform. For a 1Hz frequency, this means that one jackhammer bullet with 24 strikes is fired every second. If the frequency was 100Hz, you’d shoot 100 of these bullets a second, and 10,000 if it was 10,000Hz.

The result is that pathogens and parasites are cut to pieces. But how, since there’s no real physical “hammer” tip? What causes this killing is the fact that each hammer blow of positive energy is immediately followed by a blow of negative energy, and these huge energy jumps are what destroys small organisms.

Healing organs and body systems works in exactly the same way, believe it or not. These are not small, so the bullets affect them differently. Again, each organ and system has its own unique resonant frequency, and these are all known.
When an organ is not working properly, its frequency gets lower.

Let’s say that the frequency of a healthy organ is 600Hz, and something causes it to drop down to 598Hz. If you transmit the healthy frequency of 600Hz into the body, this can’t damage that organ because it’s too big and complex. Instead, in a process called entrainment, the unhealthy frequency of 598Hz will gradually rise until it perfectly matches the healthy frequency of 600Hz. Entrainment can’t be shown in a photo, so please watch this 84-second video to see it in action.

We live in a toxic world today. We breathe, eat, drink, and absorb via our skin heavy metals, plastics, solvents, and toxic proteins every day. When we kill pathogens, parasites, or cells of severe disease in our bodies, their dead bodies spill toxins and rot. All this poison can affect how well our liver, kidneys, and intestines work, so we need to remove it.

When we use Spooky2 to detox, we’re using the bullets’ “jackhammer effect” to bump the toxins out of our bones and flesh and into our bloodstream. Once we keep the frequencies going, the toxins can’t come to rest and lodge again, and they’re safely delivered to the eliminatory system for excretion.

Before we go any further, please note that if you rest your mouse pointer on any Spooky2 control or value field, a simple and informative tooltip will appear explaining it.

Each Spooky2 generator is an individual gun, and here’s how you can customise each one, its “magazines,” and its bullets. First, please tick the “Advanced” checkbox in this tab:

Presets are complete gun set-ups. When you select one, it makes all the correct settings in the other tabs for you. Most of the factory presets come pre-loaded with “ammunition magazines” suitable for things like Morgellons or Lyme Disease. “Shell” presets set up your gun for a job, but they’re empty, allowing you to load your own magazines.

Chains are auto-loaders. They let you auto-load any number of different gun set-ups one after another, each with any number of different magazines for different purposes.

Each gun setup, or preset, has Notes that give more info. All set-ups were designed and built by members of the Spooky Team, whose initials appear at the end of their names.

This is your ammo store. Each program is a magazine loaded with different bullets, or frequencies, pre-targeted at the illness, germ, parasite, or organ/system it’s named after. You can load these into an empty shell set-up suitable for the job, and when you know your way around Spooky2, you’ll be able to easily insert them into existing factory set-ups.

Here, you can choose which magazine “manufacturer” – or Database – to view. I recommend viewing all. Plus, in the Options pane, you can choose to have each individual bullet fired multiple times in a row, and have a magazine – or a whole bunch of them – reloaded and fired multiple times by using the Repeat controls.

If you’ve chosen a chained auto-loader preset or a single preset set-up, you can have it automatically reloaded and fired again, as many times as you wish.

You can also have your streams of individual bullets fired for longer or shorter times (Dwell Multiplier), and even change the bullets so that they deliver more or fewer jackhammer strikes (Frequency Multiplier).

This is the Simple Guide, and most of the controls in here are fairly technical for the beginner. But I’ll give it my best shot at simplification in the next edition of this Guide. For now, you just need to know that these control allow you to shape how your bullets behave in almost any way you wish.

Essentially, this is your bullet toolshop. You can make them more – or less – powerful, set up automatic machine-gun “sprays” for all bullets, see and change your bullets’ strike patterns, change the basic shape of your bullets, schedule your gun battles as you wish, and a whole lot more besides.

This is your sniper’s nest. In here, you control and trigger all your generator guns. Every gun has a safety lock that must be clicked off before it can be fired. Spooky2’s safety is the Allow Generators Overwrite checkbox.

To load any gun with a new set-up or magazine, or to apply any change you’ve made to your existing set-up, magazines, or bullets, you must first tick this box, then choose your weapon by clicking its red Generator Button.

Doing this reloads and arms your gun for immediate action.

The Control tab also shows you what magazines are loaded, lists their bullets’ frequencies, and allows you to navigate inside a magazine. Generator Output lets you see what ammo Spooky2 is feeding your generator guns in real time.

This tab also houses the Biofeedback and Reverse Lookup panes. These both have their own sections in the Technical Guide which will be simplified and added here next time if users find this “gun” idea easier to understand.

By the way, don’t be dismayed at killing pathogens and parasites. Buddhism, the most pacifist and life-affirming philosophy I know of, holds that any organism without love may be killed without karmic consequence.

The System tab lets you keep track of your ammo store databases, and shows you whether your generator guns can receive their ammo from Spooky2 OK. It also allows you to set up the machine-gun sprays you can fire from the Control tab, and lets you make global settings that apply to the entire Spooky2 weapons system.

Here’s where you can email the Spooky2 tech support gunsmiths if your weapon seems to be misbehaving. And you can go hang out with other users in the Forum and Facebook group, watch videos, and send emails to anyone (but you can’t receive).

If there are problems with your Spooky2 weapons system, you’ll find them listed here, and you can save them for tech support.

Source: Spooky2 Users Guide 20170701

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